Two of Canada’s Greatest Sports Icons Are Now Free Agents

Some unexpected breaking news out of Los Angeles today, as Fox Sports One has made the decision to cancel their flagship show Fox Sports Live, which as you all know was hosted by Canada’s favourite misfits Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole.  As a result, Toolsy and Andre are left with just a podcast, and will become free agents when their current contracts expire at the end of March.

There were some rumblings of discontent between the two stars and their Fox Sports bosses – especially from O’Toole – but with the amount of money that had been invested in both Jay and Dan’s contracts and the many set modifications and on-air talent changes that occurred over the last four years, nobody was expecting FS1’s landmark show to be cancelled altogether.

As a result, the duo is free to appear on any other network as soon as their contracts expire on March 31st, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if both sides agree to terminate the deals five weeks early.  Their most obvious destination would be back to TSN, although with Sportsnet having exclusive NHL rights and mediocre on-air talent, Rogers may be inclined to spend some of that money they could’ve used to retain Edwin Encarnacion (that wound is still fresh).

It’s been a lot of years since Jay and Dan have found themselves on the unemployment line – however temporary it might be – and the landscape of sports media has changed dramatically, especially in Canada.  Thanks to more developed social media, nightly sports highlight shows don’t pull nearly the audience they once did.  Daytime sports talk shows are becoming a thing of the past as well, replaced by either European live streams or syndicated radio shows.  Canada’s most famous sports talk show (Off the Record) was cancelled in December 2015.  Sportsnet now holds the exclusive NHL rights, which hasn’t hurt TSN as much as people expected but certainly makes them a less appealing network.

A return to TSN and the nightly SportsCentre broadcast would seem to be the most likely landing spot for Jay and Dan, or maybe they’ll start their own afternoon talk show to compete with obliterate Sportsnet’s lame Jay-and-Dan-wannabe’s Tim and Sid.  Hell, they’ve joked about trying their hands at announcing; put them in the booth instead of Kevin Quinn and Drew Remenda and watch the ratings poor in.

Regardless of what happens in the coming days and weeks, here’s to hoping Canada’s Greatest Exports return back where they belong.



Looks like a TSN reunion might already be in the works after all…


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