Willie Desjardins With The Hottest Take Of 2017, Wants Canucks To Be Like Patriots

It’s bye week day two. I am so incredibly, stupidly bored. Luckily, we have Willie Desjardins over it Vancouver spitting molten hot fire takes about his .500 hockey team. He wants the Canucks to play like the greatest team of our generation.

What? Ya, I’m fairly certain everybody wants to play like the team that’s just steamrolled their league for 16 consecutive years and not, say, the Browns. Their “way” wasn’t “sticking around, Willie. Their way was still having the two greatest GOATs of all time (GGOATsOAT). Try paralleling Bill Belichick and Tom Brady with Willie Desjardins and Bo Horvat without choking on your spit. Other than that though, I guess they’re pretty similar. Here’s one of the most scientifically inexplainable catches we’ve ever witnessed:

And here’s a $6-million player scoring on his own net:

The resemblance is uncanny.

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