Edmonton Rapper Cadence Weapon Dropped This ‘Connor McDavid’ Track And It’s All The Fire

“Reppin’ Ed-Mo we don’t play for the Flames. Ya we got a few L’s now we back in the game.”

Take a goddamn seat, Ed Sheeran. If Cadence Weapon isn’t on your radar get him there immediately. Up until now I needed the Oilers playoff song to be “Pump It” by the Peas for all the nostalgia purposes. Now I’m not convinced the team shouldn’t just bump “Connor McDavid” for all 3:23 of the song before every playoff game because I love this track and because “Parade coming back through, might need another statue” sent the middle hand from six to midnight. Love it. LOVE it. The literal second that opening riff began lighting up my computer speakers I knew we were dealing with a lava track of legendary proportions. Now I go to sleep to “Connor McDavid.” I wake up to it. I brush my teeth to it. This is the only song I want played on my birthday. When SVDVM dropped “Auston Matthews” I needed an Edmonton-based rapper to step up and cuckold Toronto, Nick Frost, and Auston. Well my dude Cadence Weapon listened. Now, along with what should and likely will conclude with an MVP celebration, Daddy has: The NHL’s scoring lead, successfully captained a perennial lottery pick to their first postseason in basically ever, and – probably most importantly – his own fire track to bump in his brand new whip. Live look at Connor driving up to Auston blasting “Connor McDavid” this summer:

Can’t wait for every patio in the 780 to crank this all the way during the playoff run. HAT TIP, Cadence Weapon.


PS – Still waiting for the “Jack Eichel” song to drop.

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