It’s Over

Honestly, I don’t want to take all the credit but I’m going to take all the credit. I don’t say anything about their streak for three weeks and then I write one blog about how they’ve won 10 straight and bam, Tony Khudobin comes in and halts their streak with his fifth win of the year. Back to the status quo. All is right again. Thank you, Boston.

And now, for my favourite part: irrationally angry Flames fans!

PLAY BETTER, PERIOD!!!! (just won 10 straight).

This was the goal:

Lot of Chad Johnson hate, which is weird, because Boston started their backup too, and Johnson wasn’t the one who let in a goal from New Brunswick.

^It was 3-2 at that point.

This dude was particularly salty:

Definitely not Chad Johnson’s biggest fan. Backlund for Selke is too many laughs. Connor’s out there trying to rip a Hart and an Art Ross and we got Calgary going like “fuck ya Backlund for Selke here we go boys!”

Trigger Warning: This is a HOT take!

Russ demands you hit the net 100% of the time. No goals for nearly hitting the net, boys. Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose.

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