Morning After Blog: It’s A Beautiful Day

Good morning, Edmonton. It’s a beautiful sunny Wednesday in the City of Champions. The high is about +2, minimal wind, oh and there’s a big giant X beside ‘Edmonton’ on the NHL’s standings page.

OH THAT’S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Period

We were blessed with a McDazzle that could have ended Derek Forbort’s already expired career but, much to Drew Remanda’s delight, the goal was waived off because the Big Rig’s skate may have brushed by the toe of Jonathan Quick.

But this sometimes vicious world we live in has a funny way of doing things. For example, on that particular play, Connor McDavid made Derek Forbort look like a fucking street lamp, but the goal was taking away. However:

The cliche “what goes around, comes around” is so terribly overused by people who hold ridiculous grudges but I feel like in this instance, right here, that it’s appropriately applicable. Is THIS what you want, NHL?! You take hard earned goals away from great players because you’re allowing the coaches to challenge everything like it’s the goddamn CFL, and now players are being made a comical example of on television in front of thousands of kids. That is your soon-to-be MVP Connor McLeague Leader rifling one off Derek Forbot’s bust of a stick and pinballing a shot passed Johnny Quick. Now Derek looks like a big dumb idiot, instead of just being a placeholder on the growing list of “Defensemen Who Had Their Limbs Severed By Connor McDavid.”

Oh, and that’s 29 points in the last eight games for Leon and Connor. Canada’s best duo since Jay and Dan.

Perpetual Oilers killer Jarome Iginla would score late in the frame to tie it up. LA outshot us, but the Iceman comethed.


2nd Period

Goal scorers goal:

Our friend and former Flin Flon Bomber Kevin Lacroix nearly nailed that one:

Daryl and Nuge with the helpers.

2-1 Oilers 20 MORE MINUTES

3rd Period

Zack Kassian scored to make it 4 3-1, but of course it was waived off. Just had to make things interesting. In the dying minutes, LA had probably 15 chances to put ‘er in. But the Iceman stood tall, comethed, and backstopped the Oilers to the following: His 38th win of the year, the team’s 42nd win of the year, and most importantly…

The Edmonton Oilers have clinched a playoff spot….

4 3 2-1.

Final Thoughts


Holy actual shit.

Suck it all the way, Calgary.

McPoint number 89. Should have had 90, but the NHL insists on taking goals away.

Speaking of taking goals away, nobody has had more taken back this year than Zack Kassian. It’s comical.

Poor guy is right. When she hits you with the “you up” text but you realize you were’t up:

San Jose finally won yesterday.

Jordan Eberle’s post game was all the chills:

That’s the face of a guy who’s been through hell and is finally free. Thoughts and prayers to Hallsy. Tough go in Newark this year.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

This one was express shipped by FedEx straight from the President of the Greater Butthurt Area, Greg Wyshynski:

If the game were a song…

Pump It” – Black Eyed Peas

Bonus – Watch all of it:


I legitimately cannot wait to live this. The playoffs are finally home. Buckle up, Whyte.


Iceman made 34 saves and has backstopped the Oil all the way to the playoffs. He’s actually in a tight race with Connor for MOP of the year, which will be announced in the now officially delayed ENS Oilers Awards.


Why not?

Can’t take this one away from him.

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