Morning After Blog: Second Place

PSA: There are five games left and the Edmonton Oilers are one point back of first place.

1st Period

LET’S GO PUCK DROP BIG GAME annnnnd 61 seconds in little Nuge fired a blinder up the wall, got burned by his man, and allowed the Sharks to get on the board first.

Mmmm okay. Webster’s Dictionary defines “Hot Start” as: not that.

But, Hakuna Matata:

This is one of those rare occasions where we dish out an honourary third assist, as the Iceman comethed from about 180 feet away to tee up what was just a polarizing goal by the NHL’s best line.

Draisaitl’s point streak: extended. Daddy’s point streak: extended. The Big Rig: sells shirts, buy one for the playoffs. And that goal gives us our ENS impact replay!

Woof. Kids: Don’t try this at home. So, when we zoom in on this particular element of the play, you can see Justin Braun had absolutely no chance. After receiving the pass from Leon, Connor proceeded to make Justin look like a goddamn fork lift, then fed the Big Rig for a secksy little back door tap in. Ugh. Hell ya. The sicko-est part of it all? Daddy wasn’t done.


Okay, so we just discovered a whole new realm of flaws in the laws of physics. First, that’s the second Olympic defenseman that Daddy has torched in the last 10 days. It’s universally impossible to stop Connor once he gets the boots going, never mind when you send 108-year-old Patty Marleau after him. He is nowhere to be found in that second gif. Wasn’t even close enough to smell the cologne on Connor’s generational skin. And I haven’t even touched on the unofficial NHL record for stickhandles between the hashmarks and the top of the crease, which ultimately led to Daddy dishing a little backhand dessert by Jones’ left ear.

Oh, and on top of all of that, that was el Daddy’s first shorty of his career.

2-1 Oilers

2nd Period

Not much happened, really. The first period had the bulk of the action and the Sharks kind of took it to us in the middle frame. Luckily, the Iceman comethed. And Jannik Hansen, who I was ridiculously surprised to see playing for San Jose:


How could you trade one and not the other two, Vancouver? Anyways. Love the response by Larsson. Really emphasizes the culture change that’s gone on over here. If somebody steamrolled Khabby or Duby or Scrivens or Fasth or Laboobies or Bryz or any goalie from the B.C. era you’d see 18 players do literally nothing.

2-1 Oilers

3rd Period

B27 RIG!

Patty now has 27 goals this year, tying him with Leon for second on the team, and one behind Connor for the lead. Five games left and we have three guys knocking on 30’s door.

Joe Pavelski added a sneaky little deflection to make it 3-2, and the Oilers couldn’t bury an empty netter to make my prediction right, but it’s okay, because:

3-2 Oilers.


Four straight.

9-3-1 in March.

Second in the Pacific Division.

Let’s go.

Final Thoughts

Second place!!!!!! Two up on Saint Joseph and now five (!!!) up on the Flames. The winner of Saturday’s game will be first place in the PAC. Might be a little too early to call, but that could very well be the PAC Championship, especially with the schedule makers gift-wrapping the Oil a home-and-home against Vancouver in the final two games. Oh baby.

Are we not-so-low-key cheering for the Flames tonight? Being two up on the Sharks with a game in hand and only eight days left would undeniably be massive.

Inspiring!: Little Johnny Gaudreau’s right hand slashed so hard it caused serious and visible pain to his left hand, finishes the game:

Oh and I believe we can put this to bed: MIKE. VICTOR. PAPA.

OVER!!! My lord. I’m honestly not sure what I get more juiced for: his goals or his cellys. Get the yellow ‘slippery when wet’ signs ready in case Daddy scores a playoff OT winner.

WINNIPEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always knew you’d come through for me at least once before I die.

Back to the reason we’re all here, McDavid’s career-high point streak has now been extended to nine games. Nine straight games with at least one point. He has 16 over that stretch. Leon’s added 16 of his own. They both have 32 in their last nine. Gross. Gross gross gross gross.

Meanwhile, heard Backlund’s still in contention for the Selke!

This is a real thing. Remember just two years ago (1 B.C.) when Jordan Eberle led the team with 63 points? I’m glad we can look back and laugh. What an elephant piss of an era that was.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Admit it, you laughed too.

If the game were a song…

Connor McDavid” – Cadence Weapon


Why pick one when you can pick them both. I am the rules. Handing out co-MOPs to Connor and the Big Rig.


Adam Larsson for stepping in there and defending his tendy, just like Gator would.



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