Today’s The Big Day


This is not a substitute for today’s game day blog. Nope. This is just a statement that needed to be made before what we all know and recognize as the biggest, most important game in the last 11 years of our very existence. And to be honest, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate that fact. That righteous, surreal fact. The Edmonton Oilers can clinch a playoff spot with a win tonight…



It doesn’t feel real. That doesn’t even sound appropriate to say. It’s like watching your child grow up and go to preschool for the first time after being held back for about six years, except instead of the house being empty, there’ll be over 18,000 deprived maniacs and Superfan Magoo barbarically assaulting the Greater Rog Area (GRA). And I don’t know what to expect because the last time we were in this situation I was literally 14. But tonight, 11 years later, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to finally attach that dumb little x- beside our name. That little, symbolic, annoying x- we’ve stared at beside other teams for 11 years while searching the top prospects on HockeyDB. I’m simultaneously nervous and yet so excited at the same time. Nervous because it doesn’t get more Oilers than to lose on Fan Appreciation Night just hours after I write up a 350 word blog about how we’re thisssssss close to being guaranteed a spot in mid-April, but excited because I know all it takes is one more win or one more LA loss for us to know that it’s mathematically impossible for the fellas to go full Oilerz for the rest of the year. Incredible. Surreal. What’s even more incredible is there’s an outside chance that we could be the first team in the PAC to put that x- next to our name, if Anaheim and San Jose both lose. Imagine that? The Oilers… first at something that doesn’t involve lottery picks. What a time to be a-goddamn-live.

Take it in, Edmonton. Take it all in. And get your champagne ready, ‘cus we’re three periods away from doing the improbable.

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