Finish Them: Oilers @ Sharks

Game six. Saturday Night. Series clinch on the line.

How ’bout Momma Nature not giving a single shit about the boys given’er hell in the playoffs? Mix in some sun, this guy needs a patio and an Oilers game. Whatever. You don’t wreck the Rig, San Jose. The Rig wrecks you:


NorCal’s overrated anyways. Time for SoCal.


When you control every aspect of a professional sports game for as many consecutive minutes as the boys did in game five you don’t change a damn thing about your lineup. Same as Thursday. Iceman cometh.

Why We’re Ending It Tonight

Years from now, when we reminisce over cold ones about how great the first round of our 2017 Cup run was, we’ll remember this hit as the TSN Turning Point of the series:

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a team play as gassed as San Jose did in the final 40 on Thursday. Once Connor’s Army took over the rest was literally history. We ran their damn show.

Saturday Night Game Six Drinking Game

Anytime your location starts a “Let’s Go Oilers!” chant, take a drink.

Anytime Joe Pavelski flops, take a drink.

Anytime San Jose flips it out of the defensive zone, take a drink.

Anytime Peter DeBoer hammers the plexiglass, take a drink.

Anytime Marty Jones lets a floater in the five garage, take a drink.

Anytime Joe Thornton’s footspeed rivals only that of a modern day Hayley Wickenheiser, take a drink.

Anytime the Big Rig buries, buy a shirt, then take a drink.

Anytime Connor rocket launches a defenseman across the continent, take two drinks.

  • If it’s Vlasic, take a bonus drink.
  • If he scores, finish that damn drink and fill it up again, let’s go.

Anytime Zack Kassian sucks the soul out of a body…

…take three drinks.

The Roundup

Here’s Jack’s electrifying call one more time, just because:


Speaking of just because, here’s the final two minutes of game six against the Sharks in 2006:


The Sharks are going to come out buzzing. I think we all know that. This is actually do or die for them now, and the Tank Faithful will be jazzed at puck drop. So kill them early. Withstand the pressure. The Iceman will be there, and if the D plays anywhere near to the level they played in game’s two, three or five then we have absolutely nothing to worry about. This team is finished. They’re pooped. Let them leave it all on the ice in the first 20, by all means. Once we get beyond that we’ll wipe them straight outta NorCal. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m done with these idiots. I’m done with Burnsy’s beard. I’m done with Thornton’s injuries. I’m done with Pavelski’s dives. I’m done with Couture’s jibs. I’m done with DeBoer’s irrational comments:

We haven’t seen your best?? OKAY Petey. Such a cocky thing too say after the debacle that was game four. Well you haven’t seen Connor’s best, and we’re up 3-2.

I’m DONE with these clowns, and I’m ready to hate the Ducks.


I’m going bold. Just like in 2006, the Oilers win game six and clinch the series victory over the Sharks by a score of 2-0. Connor and the Rig get the goals. Iceman cometh. Enjoy the night. Party responsibly. And let’s go Oilers.

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