First Round Prelude: Oilers @ Sharks

These 8:30 games are killing me and they’ve only just begun. In what definitely looks like a first round preview now, the Oil head into Saint Joseph looking to clinch first round home ice with a big regulation win. Wrote my first final this morning. Went about as well as it did for Xavier Ouellet that one time he tried to cover Connor.

Ugh. Could be worse, ain’t that right, Godfather?



I’ll be the first to admit my dude Matty Vegas had just an awful game on Tuesday. I think he’s hurt. Anyways it looks like he’s still playing tonight. I have no idea why Slepy is coming out of the lineup. None. Makes no sense. Must be resting him for the playoffs or something. Iceman. He comeths.

Why We’ll Win

Christ guys. It’s 7:40. I’m hungry. The Jays are blowing up Tampa. No current hockey games have any sort of relevance. So I’ll leave it at this:

“Fear” he says. We need to put some fear in San Jose.

In Edmonton, there are five major kinds of fears: Rush hour traffic on Gateway, mosquitoes, construction zones, Hunter the Lynx, and this guy:

Sending my prayers to the Sharks players and their families.


The Roundup

Let’s see. We have the league’s leading scorer and soon-to-be MVP. We are heading to the playoffs for the first time since fifth graders were born. The Iceman’s one win away from breaking an Oilers record of nearly 30 years. And now we can add a sex scandal to our incredible 16/17 resume. What a goddamn year.

Oh, and it looks like the fellas got #inone last night.

Atta boy, Robby Stauf. Love it. Oilers by 5.


Oil win 6-1 blah blah Connor with five oh and that means home ice in the first round SUPERFAN!!


PS – LA and Calgary is almost as appealing as the Oil game tonight – and I say that sort of tongue in cheek because we’re literally getting a first round preview for our boys with all the first round home ice on the line – but man it’d be some kind of fulfilling to watch LA beat that son of a fat dude Tkachuk into submission this evening.


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