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It’s the year of the Iceman, baby. Cam Talbot is on a mission. Funny how two of the three Vezina nominees are already out of the playoffs, and the third is on his way to choking for about the 15th consecutive year. Meanwhile, Cam’s out here in Edmonton stopping basically everything and borderline single-handedly driving the Oil through the playoffs. Casually had 39 saves last night, no big deal. This entire blog could really just be one gif:

Up 2-0 and coming home to where the Rog Mahalers haven’t stopped dancing in weeks. 10 more wins Edmonton. Happy fucking Saturday. Let’s do this:

1st Period


GOOD START, RANDY! That’s Rej Sekera with a heat-seeking missile that skipped all of the fucking shin pads and went right by that idiot Gibson. Great pass by Hampus, fed Rejy for the one-tee right on the tape.

Anaheim outshot us by a trillion for the rest of the period. Didn’t matter. The best goalie ever to not be nominated for a Vezina stood tall. Comethed so hard.

1-0 Oilers

2nd Period

Oil finally woke up in the second. The boys came out of the gates and peppered the Ducks for the first half of the frame. Which led to this gorgeous thing of beauty. Patty woke up, put on his best dress clothes, and headed straight for the office:

Obligatory reminder that Anaheim paid $500K for that goal to go in.

Then goddamn future Golden Knight Jakub Silfverberg had to ruin the shuttsy. Really dumb penalty by Daryl. Naturally don’t try to lift your stick over someone’s face, especially when that someone is Jared Boll.

Speaking of which, how ’bout Randy willingly playing Jared Boll?!?!


2-1 Oilers

3rd Period

The Ducks threw their entire season at the Iceman but couldn’t solve him, nor the post. The hockey gods were in full force in the final 20. I think I had an epiphany when Cam Fowler fell on his own while on a wide-open breakaway.I had been holding my piss in for at least 10 minutes at that particular point and I’ll tell ya, it was about one fraction of an extra heartbeat away from knocking down the levee. To much information? Who cares. The Oil are coming home up 2-0 baby.

Holy shit.

THE OIL ARE UP 2-0!!!! Two wins away from a trip to the Western Conference final and we still haven’t played at the Raucous on 104th! DANCE PARTY!!!!

Final Thoughts

This must be how Alexander the Great felt after he conquered India.

Oilers forever or at least for as long as my body can handle this before it completely shuts down.

Georges Laraque forever though:

Last time the Ducks lost two straight in regulation was the opening two games of the regular season. Haven’t had to play us twice in a row until now. That’s right. What’d Lady Byng nominee Johnny Gaudreau shoot on the front nine at Shaganappi yesterday?


“You can’t beat us CLAP! CLAP! CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!”

The draft lottery is tonight. We sure we can’t win it?

The Ducks are allegedly taking a mini-vacation in Kelowna between games. Cute.

We’re now 3/1 favourites to win the Stanley Cup. Let that one sink in for a minute… okay. Somewhere, in NYC, Marcus Williams hyperventilates. I think he still has an account with us. Might have to dig him up from the trenches if the boys go all the way.

Friendly reminder that in 2006, we beat the Sharks in 6, then proceeded to take the first two games against Anaheim in their own barn before moving on in five.

But, naturally the boys are going to sweep the hell out of the team that swept the hell of out Calgary, just because that’s what we do.

This is apparently a penalty:

This is apparently not a penalty:

So, if I’m looking at this right, you’re not allowed to battle for position in front of the net, but you are allowed to strangle a human being until he nearly suffocates.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

The lowest of lows? Pardon? We had like two less points than you, Alex. Taste it.

If the game were a song…

“We Will Rock You” – Queen

3rd Star

Cam Talbot. What a year. Made secks with gurl, had twins, set a club record for wins in a single season, now is carrying the boys on his shoulders. Looks at pucks like:

2nd Star

Cam Talbot. Mr. 39 Saves. Mr. Playoffs. Mr. Didn’t Get Nominated for a Vezina.

1st Star

You already know. He’s the title of this goddamn blog.

Is it Sunday yet?

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