Morning After Blog: First Place

And every child conceived last night shall be named Connor.

What a… just… what a beautiful sight:

If we get a y-Edmonton I might not ever know what to do with my hands again.

1st Period

Dominant. Absolutely dominant period of hockey. The boys came out looking like division leaders. They were hungry. They wanted it. They absolutely peppered the Ducks 14-4 in the frame, capped off by Connor getting the boys on the board with his 29th of the year.

The ensuing “MVP!” chant could be heard all the way down in Calgary, home of possible Selke nominee Mikael Backlund.

I mentioned the shots, but not lost in this 20 minute period of excellence was yet another spectacular save by a man who will receive his first of many Vezina nominations this June.

Ho-hum. Just point-blank robbing a guy that’s buried 348 goals in his NHL career. Annnnnnnd you know the drill:

1-0 Oilers

2nd Period

Shit started to get really physical. The Ducks smothered McDavid all night, but it was especially evident in the second frame. Not sure when Sami Vatanen and Hampus goddamn Lindholm decided to become household tough guys. And at one point Corey Perry literally shadowed McDavid like Sean Avery in front of Marty Brodeur.

Oh, and Canucks gonna Canuck. Hall of Fame imbecile Kevin Bieska and his preposterously smug mug plummeted to the ice after taking a stick to about the area code of his shit-eater face, and Chris Getzlaf’s brother scored on the power play.


3rd Period

Anaheim took the lead after what was just a mind-blowingly brain fart of a play by Big Pou. But the building was on another level last night… Cue the Looch Train:

Two for Daddy. Leon’s point streak extended. Annnnnnnd we’re heading to over time.


I’ll let Jack take this one away:

And for your viewing boners:

3-2 Oilers

Final Thoughts

Lol. Good one, Getzlaf. Good one!


We’re 12 periods away from the Pacific Division having to go through Connor’s House. Say it, Johnny!

Louie DeBrusk for Premier.

Met Dave Randorf after the game. Shook his hand. Told him he’s always welcome in Edmonton.

“This guy fucks.”


#IcemanForever… he and Fuhr man-crushed all over each other on Twitter last evening as well:

Casual reminder the Oilers’ DJ is ear chlamydia.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

GET RID OF HIM!!!!!! (leads the team in points by 13).

If the game were a song…

We the Best (Intro)” – DJ Khaled (ft. Rick Ross)



I be skating on your whole team. Connor’s racked up a measly 19 points during this 10 game professional hockey blitzkrieg. He led the Oil in time on ice last night – for forwards and defensemen. He’s not just our MVP, he’s the league’s MVP.


Looooooooch threw the body a team-high six times, and of course, buried what would end up being the division-leading equalizer. We don’t get to OT if it’s not for Looch grinding in front late in the third. Gator approves, and Gator’s happy this guy’s on the team heading into mid-April.

PS – This:

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