Morning After Blog: Oil In Command

Remember when we lost game 1 and that sliver of doubt started to creep into every Oil fans’ mind? Neither do I. The boys just strolled into San Jose last night and put the Sharks to sleep. In the past two games, Edmonton hasn’t let the Sharks get a SNIFF of a goal. Back to back trips to Shutter Island for the Iceman on a combined 39 shots against in two games. What a time for Oilers fans. What a time, indeed.

1st Period 

The first period was spent weathering the storm for the Oil. The Sharks came out ready to play, and the building was buzzing. But fortunately for Edmonton, the Iceman Cometh.

After running the Sharks out of the building on Friday night, San Jose came out with the same game plan for the Oilers last night. It didn’t work. The Sharks were credited with 32(!!!) hits in the first period, and not a single one of them was memorable. Live look at the stats guys in San Jose:

0-0 after 20 minutes.

2nd Period

The Oilers were much better in the second. They carried the play for the entire frame, and Connor was trying his goddamn best to give us some McMagic:

But in classic playoff hockey fashion, the game remained knotted at 0’s.

Shots in the period were 12-4 for Edmonton.

0-0 after 40…

3rd Period

Paging Fernando Pis… Zack Kassian:


The hero Edmonton needs, and the hero Edmonton deserves. You’re GODDAMN RIGHT KASS!

Kassian finally breaks the stalemate just over halfway through the third, so the next half period was spent holding onto your butt for Oil fans. I’d be lying if I said i remember the last ten minutes of the game because I’m pretty sure it was a full stress blackout.

Thank god for Cam Talbot:

Ladies and gentleman, your Edmonton Oilers have a 2-1 series lead. LETS. GO.

Final Thoughts

When is the last time the Oilers had a team that could go out there and just absolutely shut it down? Giving up 16 and 23 shots against in the back-to-back shutouts? God I love playoff hockey.

The McBlender was out in full force last night, and the Oil seemed to respond. McLellan pushed Leon down to play C with Caggiula and Kassian, and Leon looked much better after the move. Tony Slepyshev also got a chance to play up front with 97 and he didn’t look out of place. He knows what to do, give Connor the puck, get open, and shoot.

The Iceman cometh:

Cam, so hot right now. He became the first Oil goalie to post consecutive shutouts in the playoffs since Curtis Joseph. Hard to believe we got this guy for a couple of draft picks. Thank you, Slats.

It was so cute watching the Sharks come out and try to be physical in that game. Timo Meier definitely had the Oilers shaking in the boots with his 6 hits.

How about that second line for the Oil? Our lil’ buddy Nuge is out there putting on a defensive clinic. 27-93-14 are doing a hell of a job against the Sharks’ top players. I think I can only remember maybe 3 or 4 legit scoring chances last night? Sure, you could say the same about the Oil, but at least they made one chance count.

All good things come to an end. McDaddy’s point streak came to an end at 16 games. Time to start a new one on Tuesday.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Hey Adam…. will you ever be okay???

If the Game Was a Song

“Seek and Destroy” by Metallica

Sneaky hilarious how Edmonton has stolen the same intro music the Sharks have used for years. It’s ours now.

ENS 3rd Star


Although he didn’t get on the score sheet, he still contributed 5 shots in just over 15 minutes of ice time. And at least one of those shots had a hell of a chance at finding the back of the net, if it weren’t for Martin Jones getting lucky and having the puck hit him in the shoulder.

Keep it up, Nugey.

ENS 2nd Star

What can’t this guy do? Channeling his inner Pisani.

When he’s not busy scoring goals, he’s busy running around like a heat seeking missile. San Jose has no answer.

ENS 1st Star

No brainer….

Long live the Iceman.

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