Morning After Blog: Shit Kicked

Well then. That was a lot of butts. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed. And I’m just not ready to talk about it, so let’s talk about it:

15 Seconds Into The Game

San Jose scored. That ended up being the game winning goal. They’d add six more just for the shit of it.

7-0 Sharks, final.

Final Thoughts

….and here come the Oilers:

Apologies to all the innocent Edmontonians I inadvertently triggered by bringing back that slogan. I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry.

What’s with Oilers Twitter blowing up after one gigantic blowout? Christ. Act like you’ve been here before, Edmonton. Know what we would have called that shit-kicking last year? Tuesday.

Leon Draisaitl. The opposite of a good series.

I don’t buy all that inexperience bullshit but last night we definitely looked like beer leaguers and that play was the epitome of it. Sending a blade to the nads is such a classic butthurt guy move and I hate it.

Could be worse:

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Desert vibes

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Look, it’s April 19th and we’re still playing hockey. And at the end of the day, this is exactly what we played 82 games for. Home ice advantage and what’s now a best of three series. If we BTO our business at the Rog Mahal then we’re playing Anaheim in the second round. Simple as that. Sometimes you get blown out of the building. As my man Joel Goodsen would say:

Sometimes, you just have to say, “What the fuck!” Game five’s on Thursday. Let’s go.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Fuck, they really burned me good.

BONUS!!! Shark fans are immune to jokes:

If the game were a song…

“Somebody Kill Me Please” – Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Star


You damn well know he never shut the TV off. He sat there, on the couch, in his jersey, and watched all 60 minutes of that unsolicited torture. Maybe he got in his orange ass truck and went for a post-game cool off, but during play, he was stapled in front of the TV. Way to go, Magoo.

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