Orange Crush Cometh: Ducks @ Oilers

Up 2-Oh. Back home to the City of Dance Parties. Talbot’s playing out of his mind. Let. Them. LOOSE!


Caggiula is the only question mark. As of now (3:20) there’s no word on his availability, just that he’s questionable. I’d expect Khaira to draw in if the Drake can’t go.

On the Ducks end:

Don’t think either will be good to go again tonight. THAT MEANS MORE JARED BOLL AND KORBINIAN HOLZER!!!

Why We’ve Put The Ducks On A Death Bed

Like the Sharks, Anaheim has made it clear their one and only plan is to limit Connor’s ability to murder defensemen. That’s allowed the rest of the boys to step up and do their job, and oh boy, have they ever. Say what you want about the 18M line but they’ve been defensive juggernauts all playoffs long. Kassian’s making his presence felt every night. Letestu is undefeated on power plays. The defense has been masterful. And Cam’s stopping literally everything, so much so that Randy’s now shifted his focus from stopping Connor to getting in Cam’s kitchen:

Get in his eyes? CLASSIC Ducks talking tough. This means I fully expect tonight to go almost exactly the way game two went. Cam was getting his nads run basically every chance the Ducks had Friday night. Meanwhile, Mark Letestu dialled the area code of John Gibson and they both called him for goalie interference and took Kassian’s league leading 115th goal away. Game one? Tony Slep, goalie interference. Anaheim’s been paying rent in Cam’s crease for two games and they haven’t been called for shit. Now they want to get even more physical against our world-class tendy? Bring it. Bash brothers will have something to say about that, I Billy Guerintee it:


If the hockey world thought Oilers fans were a little insane over in SoCal just wait until you see tonight. I expect the barn to literally shake tonight. Before, during and after the celebratory dance party. We walked into their barn and embarrassed the entire county of Orange. All we have to do is take care of business at the Rog Mahal and we’re heading to our second Conference Finals appearance in our last two playoff trips.

By the way, how great is it that the Ducks have done all they can to shut down the best player in hockey and they’re still down 0-2? Sign of a great hockey team, folks. We’re not just Connor’s team anymore. We’re a deep team that’s making some serious noise in the playoffs. That inexperienced rhetoric is letting down broadcast booths everywhere. They have no answer for us anymore. It’s like all the people who were too busy not paying attention to us this year, or all the people who just assumed we were a one man show and that it wouldn’t be sustainable in the playoffs, or all the people who voted for Carey Price as a Vezina candidate over Cam the Iceman… it’s like all those people are finally eating their words. Sportsnet’s still covering Auston Matthews rookie fatigue. TSN’s still replaying Connor Brown highlights from October. Jeff O’Neill would still rather have Auston Matthews over everybody in the world. I’m pretty sure Nick Frost will never write a published article again but in his goddamn diary you better believe he’s still gushing over Matthew’s unprecedented heaviness. All we’ve done during this blatant hack of a year in Canadian sports journalism was roll to a top 10 record in hockey, blow through the defending Western Conference champions, and take two straight in an arena where the home team had only lost eight games in regulation all season long. We’re two games away from the Western Conference finals. We’re 10 wins away from a Stanley Cup. We’re the Edmonton mother fucking Oilers, boys and girls. Let’s go.


In 2006, we won game three at home 5-4. I know I said this on Friday but I honestly think Connor’s moments away from going full-MacGruber on throats. And man am I ever stoked to watch him shred the Ducks with last change. Tonight’s a big game for Jack Adams nominee, Friggin’ Todd. If he can coach like he did Friday night we’ll cruise to a victory. Get Connor away from Kesler and watch the world burn, baby.

Oilers win 6-1. Connor’s first multi-point game of the playoffs coming in en fuego. Big Rig gets a pair. Letestu on the PP. Big Pou even gets in on the action. Let’s take a 3-Oh series lead, Edmonton. This is our year.


PS – I love that dance parties have become our thing. What a glorious avatar for our spectacular city. Years from now, Vancouver will win a playoff game, burst out in two dance, and claim it as their own.

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