The PAC-7 Championship: Ducks @ Oilers

Saturday night. First place on the line. Oilers. Ducks. Rog Mahal. ‘Nuff said. Let’s go.


If the Iceman wins, he’ll be just the second goalie in Oilers history to hit the 40 win plateau in a single season (Fuhr, 1987-88).

Matty V’s clearly hurt, so Gryba draws back in. This is extremely unfortunate.

Forwards remain the same. Boys are going.

Tonight’s Opponent

All that stands in our way of our first division title since 1986-87: the Anaheim formerly Mighty Ducks. Named after these guys:

Q: Do you think Superfan Magoo will be in attendance for the division championship?

A: Stupid question.

Why They Stink

Remember when Smytty went to Home Sense and completely took over their kitchen?


Went on Kijiji and bought the entire penthouse in J.S. Giguere’s head. God, that was good stuff.

Why Their Fans Stink



Which Duck Stinks

Jared Boll. First ballot meathead. Still apparently in the NHL.

The Roundup

You know the Oil have only had one losing month all year (November)? My god, what is this witchcraft? We had seven total wins on December 29th of the 2nd Eakins year. Literally started from the bottom now we have the potential to win our first division title since before Crosby was born. If the Oilers win the division, I’ll have to do something I did not think I’d have to do for a very long time: update our social media cover photo:

Never been so excited to do work in my life. It’s been so long since I’ve made that puppy that I’m actually not even sure if I know how to update it.

Kaner had three last night and moved to four back of el Daddy for the league lead. That’s juts not going to happen. We haven’t come this far to surrender our first Art Ross Trophy since Gretz. I won’t allow it. Mess won’t allow it. Cadence Weapon won’t allow it.You know Superfan Magoo won’t allow it. Connor generally brings his best when someone else comes sniffing*  and given the magnitude of this game, I think he’ll go off.


*I say ‘sniffing’ here loosely, because normally a four stroke lead after Amen Corner is enough to get you the Green Jacket, but because the NHL needs parity we’re saying Kaner is now ‘close’ to catching Connor…he’s not


It’s surreal to think that we could potentially wake up tomorrow and the Oilers will be leading the division with just four games to go. But this is the current nature of our reality, folks. This is not a dream; this is real life. Oilers win the PAC-7 Championship 5-3. Connor picks up his 28th (!!!) multi point game of the year, and he and Leon extend their point streaks to 10 games with 3 and 2 respectively. Connor is two goals away from 30 this year and I’m calling it right now: he hits that milestone tonight. Kassian generally brings it against the Ducks, and despite having one called back in the 2nd, he gets his illustrious 8th of the year with a huge 3rd period goal. The Big Rig scores one because he always scores against the team that still pays him. Daryl gets the other, I don’t know why, I’m just feeling a Daryl-bomb tonight. Division leaders tomorrow. Let’s.Get. In. One.

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