Friday Night Lights on Cinco de Mayo, Let’s Go: Oilers @ Ducks

Best of three, boys are in Anaheim, Friday night, Cinco de Mayo, and it’s +30 in Edmonton. Grab your buddies. Grab a patio. And in the words of Michael Buffer:

On one hand, yes, it blew hard to give up both games at home. On the other, however, we’re still only one win away from being one win away from the conference finals. That’s incredible when you think about where we came from. Let’s forget about the last two games. Let’s remember storming into Anaheim like it was fucking Normandy and stealing two games at the Oil Pond. Tonight, I fully expect there to be thousands of Oilers fans down in OC once again. Tonight, I fully expect that Connor and the boys will come out of the gates completely unwilling to hand over this series to the Ducks. Tonight, I fully expect Randy to eat his damn words in front of their home crowd. Tonight, I fully expect the boys will win this game and reestablish their dominance in this series. Happy fucking Friday, Edmonton.

Here we GO!!


I highly doubt we’ll see any significant changes. Maybe, MAYBE Jordan Eberle slides down to the 4th line and makes way for either Tony Time or the Drake, but that’s about it. I’ve loved Connor and Leon together this series.

Iceman cometh. Speaking of that, it annoys the shit out of me that the Ducks’ beat writer’s Twitter handle is @icemancometh. What a punch in the mouth.

Today in Ducks Fans

There is some BAD blood beginning to boil between our nation of Oilers fans and the hamlet of Anaheim fans. Four straight games of us having to deal with Kesler and Perry and Getzlaf combined with four straight games of them having to listen all about McDaddy will certainly have that effect. Not to mention to war of words that are beginning to brew in the media. But anyways. Lost in all the noise made by us about game four’s officiating is the fact that apparently all of Anaheim feels as though Looch’s cross check on Ondrej Kase (?) deserved a suspension:

HIS Lindholm chokehold?? Jumping in to defend the king of chokeholds himself is an extremely hot take. Christ, Jimmy:

Take the horse blinders off for a minute and watch the series.

The old “NOT!” joke, classic!! I vividly remember Manson skating backwards at-or-near light speed while doing the patented Kesler-Bieksa “shake the gloves indicating a fight but really you have no intensions at all of actually wanting to fight” while the Looch Bear went full steam after him. Don’t poke the bear, Anaheim.

And for some inexplicable reason they still feel as though el Daddy is out there flopping around the ice:

McDived. Christ. That’s new. By dive, do you mean he’s the fastest human Anaheim’s seen since Mickey Rivers and your players have no choice but to haul him down when he rips by?

The Roundup

I’m am so friggin psyched for this game. All those tweets about the Ducks and Looch and McDive and all that shit got the blood goin’ “Pump it, LOUDER!!!” Live look at me at the Pint with my boys watching the fellas spank Anaheim:

GOD I can’t wait.


*cracks knuckles*

The boys have only lost three straight just two times in 2017, and we’re keeping it that way tonight. There’s not a chance in hell we’re losing on Cinco de Mayo. In fact, the Oil pot five in honour of the holiday. 5-2 Oilers. Dance your asses off tonight. And happy weekending, Edmonton.


PS – Finland took down the perennial powerhouse Belarus 3-2 in the opening game of the WHC today. Jesse’s final stat line: Zero points, one big smile:

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