Morning After Blog: Thank You, Edmonton

Well.. today sucks. But no joke, this was the best season I’ve ever been part of. For real. Right up there with 96/97, when Todd the OG God scored his legendary OT winner against Dallas. This feels better than 2006. In 2006, we were supposed to be good, stumbled into 8th spot, then road the coat tails of one a world-class defensemen plus a goalie who played like the Jesus and an Italian who got hot at the right time, only to lose in the 7th game of the finals and have that world-class defenseman demand a trade basically right after we got off the plane. We were so close, but at the end of it all, we felt so far.

But this one… this one felt different.

Maybe it’s the whole 11 years shtick: That prolonged absence where we were force-fed propaganda and watched abysmally abysmal hockey for 786 (!!!) consecutive games. Maybe that’s why this one felt a little different. It stings like an open-wound in a hot tub right now, sure. But this year was an absolute success. At the start of the season, most experts had us finishing around 26th. I hoped we could battle for a wildcard spot with Calgary and LA. All we did was finish one win away from grabbing a division title while storming to our first 100 point season in almost 30 years. We’re going to win our first Hart Trophy since Gretzky, and it’s going to a guy who’s still too young to drink in Vegas. Leon emerged. Talbot emerged. Klefbom emerged. The Big Rig set career highs in everything. Jesse decimated a pizza. And at the end of the day, we still made it farther than 25 other teams. The light at the end of that shit-infested dark tunnel is starting to appear rather blinding. Sky’s the limit, Oilers fans, and I can’t wait to win so many Cups. It just wasn’t our turn… yet. But the message we’ve sent to the league is clear: Brace yourselves, the Oilers are coming.

1st Period

Shea Theodore got the boys on the board first with his best impression of a vintage Jultz:

It’s legitimately sad having to recap two more periods of hockey while knowing that was the last goal the Oilers scored in the 2016/17 season.

1-0 Oilers

2nd Period

Kind me reminds me of Nurse’s footwork in the middle frame.


3rd Period

The season finale. It’s over, guys. I wanted to wake up today and text Teeps something cruel and obscene about his Predators but I can’t have nice things. Teeps lives to live another day.

2-1 Ducks. Game. Series. Season.

Get lost, Eric. Season three of Connor’s Oilers has been announced for early October. A new character, Vegas, will be part of the onslaught. Can’t wait. Can’t goddamn wait.

Final Thoughts


I already miss the boys.

Anybody check on Magoo? God, I feel bad for that guy. Poor dude has to go back to whatever the hell it is he actually does for a living now. Until next year, Magoo…

This is the first time ever in basically forever that we can say “just wait ’til next year” without having the entire hockey world spit and laugh in our faces. I think everybody noticed the storm that’s headed this league’s way. Fear the Orange Crush, Oilers forever:

Even Mr. Duck himself:

Christ, I guess the draft’s next, hey? How do you even pick 22nd overall???

Go ‘Skos!!

Hell ya, actually. Three down season is right around the corner. It’s alright to mourn our loss, but soon, we’ll be drinking for not-so-cheap in seats we bought from Sobeys while semi-watching Odell Willis sack Bo-Levi Mitchell to outer space. Starting with a CFL Draft recap coming in hot sometime this weekend probably.

Stay tuned tomorrow — the ENS Oilers Awards are coming in hot.

These are the guys that are moving on:

What is that, a 50/50 for ants?! Meanwhile, at the Rog Mahal… for a goddamn road game:

I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about how good we’re going to be next year. Legitimately hyper-ventilating as I type this shit. We’re going to smack this league into a coma, and I can’t wait to watch it all go down for the next 10+ years. Seriously, Edmonton. It’s been an absolute pleasure once again. And to think, ENS almost permanently shutdown this summer! This was one helluva ride. Thank you all once again for all the pageviews and support! Stay tuned for some biased Eskimos coverage, and all the Oilers news and headlines heading up to our Cup-winning season next year. Book it. Let’s go Oil.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Bonus! Not a tweet, but a comment from Yahoo:

Mother of holy shit, “dan” from Yahoo. He will have a nice vacation, “dan.” Have a nice day at your shitty, unfulfilling cube job.

Feels like this should go without saying but some people need their goddamn hands held when things get tough: In no way, whatsoever, did Connor McDavid cost our team this series. Give your damn heads a shake if that’s what you think. The Oilers were one gigantic self-imposed collapse away from moving on, and that doesn’t fall on any one player in particular. That’s on the team as a whole. A plethora of Oilers fans were angry and looking for scapegoats last night, which is totally irrational, considering this team had 62 fucking points just two years ago. But we win a playoff round against a team we knew we were better than, then go toe-to-toe against an extremely good hockey team only to lose in seven games, and people want to play the blame game? For what? Exceeding every expectation imaginable? Could some players have done more? Sure. But that didn’t cost us a Stanley Cup. You don’t go from perma-last to winning the Stanley Cup in one year. This roster was like a project, put together in basically one offseason by the Pistol after inheriting a clogged outhouse to transform into something worth watching. Rome wasn’t built in a day, just like this team wasn’t built in 10 years. We’re going to step back, we’re going to evaluate, and we’re going to find the minor tweaks we need to make this team even better by September. Everything’s fine.

If the game were a song…

“Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey

3rd Star

Matty Vegas played over 21 minutes and his three shots were second most on the team in last nights game. He’s been the best surprise any of us could have asked for. Thanks for reppin’ the T8N, Matty. Al Lacombe would be proud. St. Albert forever.

2nd Star

Drake Caggiula. I’ve been tough on the rookie for a while now but he had a helluva last few games this series. The kid’s got speed and I know there’s a lot of skill left to be had there. Could be an extremely versatile player for a lot of years.

Oh, and did anybody hear Kypreos absolutely butcher the Drake’s name? Holy god. No such thing as an eastern bias and yet Kyper couldn’t pronounce the name of a guy who played 73 regular season and playoff games for the boys this year.

1st Star

The Iceman. Battled all year. He and Connor were our MVPs. We don’t get anywhere without them. He deserved better last night. One more time for the road:

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