Happy Connor McMVP Day!!

Ohhhh baby! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for since those goddamn lottery balls ping-ponged our way to history. There’ll be more blogs and more Oilers coverage as Daddy steamrolls through Vegas for the first of what now will be many times in his career. Skatin’ on your whole team. Suffice to say after last year’s embarrassment of an awards show I hope to hell Connor walks up on stage, looks directly at the PHWA, and says… “Who’s your daddy?”

But for now, let’s look at the last year in Connor’s journey:

It was only one year ago at this same place where the man finished third (!!!!!!!!!!) in Calder votes (and eight (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) different writers voted him in FIFTH, Jesus God), and now three hundred and sixty-fucking-five days later he’s taking home the Hart.

Ugh, hell ya. Suck the shaft, PHWA.

Next, Connor was named the youngest captain in NHL history. There were naysayers:

And we had some especially hot takes from imbecilic juggernaut, Patrick O’Sullivan, on Connor’s legacy:

All he did was lead the team to their first 100 point season since forever and win the NHL’s scoring race by double digits.

Next, Daddy ended Brian Elliot’s career as Calgary’s starting goalie practically before it even started.

He was able to casually shrug off the most epic, all-time video bomb ever recorded:

But Auston Matthews was shredding the league as well, which led some particularly gigantic hacks out in Toronto to claim that Auston > Connor for, among things, heaviness, and then he proceeded to crush Auston Matthews in virtually every category that exists.

Poor Jack Eichel nearly caught Connor in PPG at one point, before ultimately feeding on Connor’s McWrath and missing out on a $2-million bonus… because Connor.

He told Brandon Manning what he thought of his life:

He was named captain of the Pacific Division all star team.

He had points in about a billion straight games to close out the season.

He took the Oilers to the playoffs which is the equivalent of Moses splitting the fucking sea.

He then captained the Oilers past the defending Western Conference champions and into the second round.

And finally, he took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon before accepting his award as the league’s nest player:

What a year. What a player. Now let’s go get that trophy, Daddy.


PS – Good luck to Johhny Gaudreau tonight in his quest for the Lady Byng! Way to go, Johnny!!