The Kassassin’s Back: Oil Ink Kassian For 3 Years, $1.95M Per

Zack slidin’ into Oilers fans’ DMs for another three like:

Hell ya boys!! ENS first ballot HoF nominee and multi-time soul devourer Zack Kassian has re-upped with the fellas on a three year deal worth $1.95M per year, and this is a win on all fronts. As unanimous as a signing could ever be in Edmonton. More than the North Saskatchewan divided this city up when Kris Russell was given his new contract. For Christ’s Christ, people are even seriously debating whether or not we should unload the Brink’s truck on Connor McMVP’s lap. But this one… this one we all agree. Kassian wasn’t leaving town without a new contract, party because RFA, but also mostly because this:

And this:

And a little bit of this:

With a side order of this:

My man. This is actually a great contract on both sides. Zack gets security, and a solid pay increase from his last contract. The boys retain the man who led the league in soul’s eaten, led the league in goals disallowed, and most importantly, led the league in fun! He’s an example of that take-no-shit style of player who can be (extremely… borderline detrimentally/life-threateningly) physical while actually bringing an offensive edge to his game. He’s a terrific third liner who has the skill and tools needed to jump into a bigger role if necessary. He can kill penalties. He can play the power play. Oh, and he’s still only 26 despite rocking parts of seven NHL seasons on his resume. Bottom line is, that’s a great deal for the Oilers, and we can all collectively admit we’re more than thrilled to have Zack back on the squad. Welcome back, Zack. First round of O’Doul’s are on me. Bash brothers, UNITE!!!!!

PS – I don’t know how many of you follow the Big Rig on Instagram, but the other day he had an Instagram story going of him and Kass taking some Sea-Doos out on the water and it was the best thing ever. Just a couple of bros, out on the pond, talking about terrorizing opposing players for the foreseeable future. They’re Edmonton’s greatest bromance, and we’re getting (at least) another year of it. I want October and I want it right now.

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