All The Boys Were In One At Jordan Eberle’s Wedding This Weekend

Saturdays are for the Oilers reunions. Can’t stress how bad I already miss Ebs after watching the newly-wed get up there and jam with Daddy, the Big Rig, Daryl Nurse and little baby Nuge with special guest, Taylor Hall (featuring honourary Oiler, Brett Kissel). What a team. I’m very proud of all the boys for showing up and karaoke-ing the nuts off of Ebs’ wedding. And of course, it was Azor Ahai himself stealing the spotlight on After Hours, but instead of shooting the shit with Scotty Oake, he was firing pucks by Hallsy.

Hall had literally no idea how to sing “Wagon Wheel” despite probably hearing it an estimated 5,700 times at Oil City but he showed up. Fake it ’til you make it and belt the living daylights out of the chorus. Group Karaoke 101:

They even threw a hangover party!!

What a genius move. Love that idea. Keep that party going. I attended St. Albert’s mecca of softball tournaments for what feels like my billionth straight year this weekend and let me tell you, my hangover party consisted of me stapling myself to the couch with an unholy amount of Pho in front of my face while I watched the other Azor Ahai plot to crack open his own cold ones with the boys and Daenerys.

And I don’t know if there were as many punches thrown at the Eberle wedding as there were at the Bunz tournament (schwing) but in case there were, you better believe the Big Rig was there to police the hell out of it.

Question: When has the Big Rig ever missed a party? Answer: Stupid question. The Big Rig is the party.

PS – Really nice of my friend Jesse Puljujarvi not to show up so the other single boys could have a chance but I really would have enjoyed watching him attempt at singing “Wagon Wheel” if we’re being honest. Guy spells “dog” with a ‘ph’ but you better believe he’d be on that stage launching a smile from ear-to-ear while he put his outstanding English on display with the Kissel crew.

PSS – Special shoutout to another former Oiler, Tyler Bunz, for once again putting together one helluva ball tournament for the greatest city in the world. The Rainmaker, and the Bunz Tournament. That’s what we do in St. Vegas. Live look at Ty trying to catch that ball I sent to the moon on Saturday: