McDavid Monday: Reminder That We Have McDavid, And That’s Really Awesome

Hi! Season 7 of Game of Thrones premiered yesterday, and it was outstanding. But this morning, as we all got up and got dressed and made our commute to work, we realized that we have to wait six more days for the next episode. Sad! Yes, Mondays stink. But you know who doesn’t stink? Connor McDavid. Just a casual reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Oilers blogger that we have Connor McDavid, and 30 other idiot teams do not. Another friendly reminder that there were a select number of mentally deficient fuckwits who did not believe in His Majesty’s generational prowess. So, on this particularly grey and shitty Monday, I figured we’d collectively remember all those who have unleashed all of their nincompoopery onto the internet. For added effect, I recommend you read the following hot takes to the rather satisfying rhythm of Tina Turner’s “The Best” so do yourself a favour and hit play, then start scrolling:






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