The MVP Has Spoken: Daddy is Displeased About Missing the 2018 Olympics

When you realize that because Bettman we’ll never see Crosby and Daddy play together in their primes:

Well there ya go, Gary. I hope you’re proud of your smug-faced, pocket-sized self. While you’re preparing to lock your players out 2022, you’re keeping busy in the present day by locking your players out of the 2018 Olympics. And now, the Prince that was Promised — Azor Ahai, Connor McDavid — has let his opinion be known regarding the NHL’s lack of participation in the 2018 games. Per Sportsnet:

“You want to be able to represent your country on the highest stage, and the Olympics is obviously the highest stage possible. To know that you might not be able to represent your country at the Olympics for another four years for sure. … Even if you’re able to in four years, it’s disappointing.”

“It’s disappointing.” Christ. That’s worse than being mad. You’ve disappointed millions of fans across North America. You’ve disappointed the estimated tens of diehard hockey fans in South Korea. And now you’ve disappointed Connor. Congrats, Gary. You’re still a humungous asshole. But you think for a second that team guy Connor McDavid will leave the fellas for a month to go slaughter KHLers in a place called Pyeongchang? Never.

McDavid, who this summer inked the most lucrative contract in the salary-cap era, was asked if he’ll approach Edmonton Oilers ownership for permission to play.

“No, I’m not too involved in all that stuff. There’s a lot of guys who’ve been in the league a lot longer than I have and have a lot more pull than I do,” McDavid said. “You don’t want to leave your team for a month.

Not that it’d be an issue. That’s the bend over backwards clause in McDavid’s contract. Do what you have to do to keep him happy, even if that means losing him for nearly 28 days. I mean, my God. The Olympic committee even gifted us a division that features the host juggernaut South Korea:

I may never forgive Gary for costing us the opportunity of watching Connor and Sid combine for 26 points against the Alex Plante-led South Korean national team. Shit, I’d even gladly get fed a month of winless hockey for the opportunity to wake up at 4 a.m. and watch Connor McDavid bend Plante into a pretzel on the first line with Daniel Paille and Jacob Micflikier. Still, it will be nice to have him not in South Korea while we play an abundance of divisional games in February:

Yep, that’s 57% of our games in one month being played against divisional opponents. Need Connor here to win those four point nights. And speaking of four point nights, how ’bout THREE games in one month against Colorado for Connor?! Plus a nice little Vegas tilt in the Sin City smack dab in the middle of the month. Wooooooooof. Savvy move tempting us with point month during the Olympics, Gary. Press the Connor McBoner alert for the entire month of February.

PS – The McJorts were out to party again!!!

THIS GUY!! Buy some damn stock in the Edmonton Jorts business because Connor is fast and furiously bringing them out of retirement. Nobody rocks the summer jorts game like Daddy rocks the summer jorts game. Incredible. Looking real fresh in his generational jean shorts standing next to Beatrice’s sister and Sanny’s 4.25 ERA of a locker.

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