Oilers To Appear On NBCSN Three Times This Year

via NHL.com – Auston Matthews’ Toronto Maple Leafs and Connor McDavid’s Edmonton Oilers will each make three appearances on NBC or NBCSN. In addition to its Stadium Series game on NBC, Toronto will face off against the Blackhawks on Wednesday Night Rivalry on Jan. 24, and visit Buffalo on March 5, both on NBCSN. The Oilers will visit St. Louis on Nov. 21, host Los Angeles on Jan. 2, and visit the defending Western Conference champion Nashville Predators on Jan. 9, all on NBCSN.


Still have a long way to go to earn the respect of that other country but dammit this is a start! Last year the fellas had no games on NBC. The year before that? We had one game scheduled, against Buffalo, which they ultimately pulled from the network the moment Brandon Manning severed our lord and saviour’s generational clavicle thus resulting in the game being a battle of the basement. But not this year, no damn way. For the first time ever (!!!!) Connor McDavid will have a regular season game nationally televised in the United States of America. For the first time ever. Ever.

He’s only the reigning MVP and has played a casual 127 career NHL games but on Tuesday, November 21 — two years, one month and 13 days after Connor made his McNHL Debut — the US hockey fans will finally get to watch him dismantle a regular season opponent. Hell ya, that’s how you market the league’s best player, NBC!! You’d think the television network that invested $2 billion (TRES COMAS!) big ones with the NHL would want to invest that money in marketing the league’s most exciting player, right? Maybe throw him in a game against Crosby and the Pens? Maybe nationally televise him against his assistant to the first overall pick, Jack Eichel? Or perhaps mix in a rivalry night game against the Ducks? Nope. It’s a big time pressure intensifying battle against arch rival St. Louis, in the Midwest, on a mother fucking Tuesday. Our other two US nationally televised games feature another Tuesday night game against the lifeless LA Kings at the Rog Mahal, and another Midwest matchup against the Nashville Predators, which also happens to be on a Tuesday. A Tuesday natural hat trick! But whatever. If they think playing Chicago and Minnesota on ‘rivalry night’ is a better viewing option for ‘Merica than watching Connor and Sid go toe-to-toe in a best vs. other best showdown then by all means, do you. Just means we’ll need to sit through less scorching hot takes, compliments of JR and Milbury. Also means there’s a significantly lower chance of having Pierre creep Connor the hell out, which is always a bonus. Still, it’ll be pleasantly fulfilling when NBC is forced to broadcast the Oilers during our 2017-18 Cup run.

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