Connor McDaddy Victimizes An Innocent Tendy At CCM’s Video Shoot

Mondays are for #McDavidMagic. @mcdavid97

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“Oh hey just another day at the office doing some casual video work with CCM god I love my job this is so much fun doing friendly sports with some friendly faces oh look honey I’m facing Connor McMVP quick take a picture AH I’M DEAD!!!!!!”

Sure, it’s August 2nd and Leon Draisaitl still doesn’t have a contract. But it’s also August 2nd and 30 other teams haven’t sent Leon Draisaitl an offer sheet, like many hockey pundits predicted would happen. And to make matters better, we have our lord and saviour sending beer league goalies back to Novice B with moves that would make Pavel Datsyuk spit out his drink. Have MERCY, Connor!! That goaltending stunt double has a family!! Live look at Calgary shooter tutor/professional loose cannon Mike Smith after watching that clip:

I, for one, cannot wait to watch Connor put Mike into 50 shades of pretzels come October.

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