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What a time to be alive. The Oilers are dominant yet again. The Esks are steamrolling the mighty three down league. 2017 is the new 80s, indeed. And what’s more impressive is the fellas are doing this with practically every player you’ve ever heard of stuffed comfortably on the IR shelf:

And that list doesn’t include a few more core defensive guys in Marcus Howard and Almondo Sewell, both injured in last night’s impressive road win in Ottawa against the defending Grey Cup champs, in what Jason Maas described as:

The good news is (AND KNOCK WOOD CHRIST) these two players are healthy: Odell Willis, and the GOAT from Kennewick, Sir Mike Reilly. It’s no secret that Odell is the heart and soul of this team. As for Mike… man, what can I say? He is the MOP. Wouldn’t that be something? The MVP and MOP of the NHL and CFL respectively being both currently present in the City of Champions. Last time that happened was 1983, when Gretz and Moon both won the awards for our beautiful city. At least Calgary has the reigning Lady Byng winner to go along with that impressive football tie they’ve mustered. Big things happening in the 403 this year too.

Those of you who have followed us for a while now know I’m a big three down guy. Love the big field league. I have intentionally neglected to write about the ‘Skos this season at fear of jinxing the hell out of them, and yes, I’m fully aware that by writing this article I’m leaving the possibility open. But I can’t stay silent any longer. Not while this team is stiff-arming and canoeing their way to an undefeated season. Not while this team is on track to win their second Grey Cup in three years. I know there’s still a lot of football left to be played. I know that we haven’t faced Calgary yet. But I don’t care. This team is special, man. Look at those injuries: Adarius Bowman, Justin Sorensen, Brandon Zylstra, Arjen Colquhoun, Gary Peters, Kendial Lawrence, Simeon Rottier, Travon Van, Jon White, my dude JC Sherritt, and Sean Whyte. SEAN WHYTE! My God. Even the fucking kicker got hurt. And yet, here we are. Undefeated. Perfect through seven games.

It’s going to get tougher. As mentioned, Howard and Sewell being probably shelved for the foreseeable future is not comforting, especially with a big time match against Winnipeg in the City of Beaches next week. But I’m all in. I believe in the Empire. I believe in the power of Mike Reilly sending the ball deep over the Holy 55 yard line to my boys Bryant Mitchell and Kenny Stafford and Duke Williams. I believe in the leadership of Ryan Getzlaf’s more famous brother, Chris. I believe in the power of our defensive line, led by Odell Willis and Euclid Cummings. I believe in that out-of-retirement right foot of good Edmonton kid, Hugh O’Neill, and the two legs of LaDarius Perkins. And I believe in the masterful expertise of the one and only, Jason Maas. One Empire baby, let’s go.


PS – Hey Chris Jones:

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