The Oilers Are Now 8/1 To Win The Cup, Trail Only Pittsburgh

via ESPN:

Oh, just the Western Conference favourites to win the Stanley Cup. Not that long ago we were the Western Conference favourites to win the draft lottery. Now we’re here. Welcome to Expectation City, everybody. Population: 8/1 favourites to win the Stanley Cup. Only two teams with odds better than 10/1 to win it all, and it just so happens your Edmonton Oilers are right there with the defending back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Connor may need a longer awards table in the near future. Meanwhile, Johnny Lady Byng and the defending Wild Card participant Calgary Flames are nestled comfortably at 30/1, just a hair above the Florida Panthers. Good for them. Honestly. If you don’t have the tools or the guts or the McDavids to shoot for the stars, why not aim for the foothills? Nobody ever lost their heads for failing to meet mediocre expectations.


PS – You know it’s going to be an electrifying season in the 604 when the Canucks are coming out of the gate with Cup odds that have them tied with a literal expansion team. The Golden Knights built their glorious turd of a roster off spare parts and Deryk fucking Engellands and the gambling industry is still willing to give them the same odds as a team that was created in 1967.


PSS – The Leafs getting 14/1 odds seems like a bit of a stretch… but then again, this is Toronto. This was, of course, the city that had us and the entire hockey world convinced that Dallas Eakins was the coaching equivalent of Jesus Christ before he was ultimately fired for having accumulated an earth-shattering seven wins in 67 days of hockey. No surprise they can convince the world that the grit and heaviness of Auston Matthews should be enough to warrant them 14/1 odds for the ultimate trophy.