Days Until Opening Night: 33, Cam Talbot

Happy Friday, and happy 1st of September. We’re nearly exactly one month away from 2017-18 Cup run, so I figured I’d dive back into the countdown for a day. Especially on a day like today. Today, we’re 33 days away from kicking the tar out of Calgary on opening night. And numbero tres-tres means one thing: The Iceman cometh.

Before we begin, I want to go over a few things: First, I’m sorry I missed 42. Big time idiot move on my part to skip Tony Time. I was reminded of my idiocy when the Oilers sent out this thermonuclear missile just a few short days ago:

Okay, so there obviously a few things going on here. First, Tony’s kid appears to be rocking a very strange and very creepy spider shirt because fuck it, Russia. What’s even weirder is that Tony Jr. is completely and utterly oblivious to wearing apparel that features the world’s most disgusting bug, but is instead zoned in to his gigantic book with pictures of whatever. Oh, and in a surprise to literally nobody ever, Tony fucks.

YAAAA you do, Anton!! I don’t hate to say I told you so, because dammit yes I told you so. Now all I need is proof of Jesse laying down the Suomi pipe and I’ll be a perfect two for two. Awesome stuff. Congrats on the sex, Tony.

Anyways, back to where we started. Speaking of sex:

Today’s player: Cam Talbot. The Iceman.

The exact game is a little foggy. All I know is that it was one of those games shortly after Talbot’s byproduct of secks with gurl became official, thus beginning his rise into Edmonton Oilers goaltending history. During said game, Talbot made a serious of ridiculous saves, causing Kevin Quinn to vehemently lose his goddamn mind and scream something along the lines of, “He’s the Iceman!” Anyways Hank and I went nuts and it was immediately brought to my attention that in one of the old Batman films, Arnie Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze and one of his lines was, “The Iceman Cometh!” That day, magnificence was born.

Career as an Oiler:

129 63 49 13 2.46 0.918

It’s only been two years, but the Iceman currently sits 7th all time in Oilers wins with 63 (15 behind Roloson for 5th, so see ya next year), 3rd all time in shutouts with 10 (14 behind Salo, so see ya probably in two years but maybe next year because Talbot), 2nd all time in GAA (again, only behind Salo’s 2.44) and is currently the franchise leader in all time team save percentage.

Where is he now?

Starting goalie of your Edmonton Oilers, staring down the barrel of possibly another 70+ starts next year.

Did you know?

Mrs. Iceman started a campaign called “Edmonton Helps Houston” to help donate items over to our friends in Houston. Originally from Dallas, Kelly Talbot has partnered up with a few local businesses to help get items together to send over to Houston as the city recovers.

If you’re looking for some moral goodwill after yet another sinfully sinful summer at the Pint, head on out and help our favourite Oilers mom/dad combo make a difference for Houston. 33 more days. Suck it, Perry: