Because Edmonton: Fans at UFC 215 Start “Let’s Go Oilers!” Chant Mid-Fight


I LOVE this town. I love us so, so much. CHILLS, people. We’re still a month away from actual hockey, but if you think Edmontonians are walking into the Rog Mahal and thinking of anything other than Daddy McDaddy and the fellas making diced onions out of opposing players then you don’t know this town. I don’t care what’s on the ground level of the Rog. Could be UFC, could be Garth Brooks, could be WWE Raw (jk, that’s at Northlands). Doesn’t matter. Everybody in there immediately thinks of the Oilers. And that’s after our first winning season in 10 years. Inject Oilers hockey into my veins and do it right now. 23 days. Let’s GO!!

PS – How ’bout Joe Rogan stating the all time obvious:

Welcome to the fucking Thunderdome, Joe. Ask ol’ Petey DeBoer what it’s like to have a post game presser at the Mahal. You give us an event on a weekend and we’re going to SUBMERGE ourselves in one, and that’s a goddamn fact. We can’t build a bridge, but we can definitely outdrink any city on the continent. And we’ve earned that right, along with the right to boo whatever the hell we want, after 10 years of being confined to the bottom of the standings.