“F**K KESLER” All Over The Rog Mahal’s Scoreboard Last Night!!!

OH YES! One of those “DID YOU SEE THAT?!” moments that shift you from preseason gear right into give-me-the-damn-playoffs-now gear at a speed almost as fast as it takes Connor to blow full steam by Xavier Ouellet. I was at the rookie game last night and lost my damn marbles when this appeared on the 46 feet wide by 46 feet deep by 36 feet high super high-def turbo-sized scoreboard. Here I am watching my boy Kailer Yamamoto and the fellas pepper every college goalie in the vicinity (to no avail, Christ), minding my own business, when BAM. “FUCK KESLER” right in my face. During a rookie game. In September. On a goddamn Wednesday!!!! Only in Edmonton, I’ll tell ya. God do I ever love it. Haven’t even played our first preseason game of the year and fans are already telling our enemies where to put it. Turns out this was done by a couple fans of ENS as well. Awesome stuff. Flawless execution. Well done, boys.

Speaking of execution:

NEVER forget! The greatest and possibly only thing the Arizona Coyotes ever gave back to the NHL for years of incredibly suspicious loyalty was Max Domi’s right fist uppercutting Ryan Kesler’s stupid face to the moon.