Morning After Blog: The Daddy Show

You’re goddamn welcome, Saskatoon.

1st Period


That backhand floater, brought to you by ACE Plumbing and Heating – ACE Plumbing and Heating: your pipes are in our hands! – snuck it’s way by whatever’s left of Cam Ward’s skill. The best aprt, it counted. No more taking about goals from the ZACK!

Then it was Lucic on the power play, because where else would it be:

Nasty little passing play by Connor and Leon to set up Lucic for the all-dayer back door. Bang.

2-0 Oilers


2nd Period

Nothing happened let’s skip to the good stuff.

Daddy’s Takeover

What was originally a close game turned quickly into a nightmarish annihilation at the expense of Carolina, courtesy of Connor McBUH BYE:

“I close my eyes, only for a moment and then Connor’s GONE!”


It’s boner time!

Live look at EVERYONE streaming the game:

HAHAHAHA he got the primary assist on his own goal!!! Did you see that?? And of course, this leads once again to another one of our ENS Impact Replays:

Okay, so. First of all, an absolute electric “cut me instantly coach!” backcheck by Andy Poturalski. It’s like he hit the blueline and realized his dream of being an everyday NHL player wasn’t worth getting a taste of what Haydn Fleury was nonconsensually force fed. Speaking of that, we’re obviously sending our thoughts and fucking sayonaras to Haydn Fleury this morning. You’re missing an ‘e’ in your name, you idiot, and now you’re missing a the soul and talent from your physical body. Gone. Siphoned. Stolen. Another Connor McCasualty. Daddy ripped it all out of him and a rate and speed equivalent to that of only when the Monstars in Space Jam they stole Patty Ewing’s and Chuck Barkley’s skills literally right out of their respective bodies. This late in September, players are just trying to make it out of the preseason healthy, and with all of their limbs in tact. As we learned yesterday, this was not the case for Haydn Fleury. You’ll be playing in the minors forever, Poturalski, but at least you’re alive and can tell your kids about it.

Oilers win 4-0, 6-1 and just utterly dominant in the preseason. Six more days.


SIX MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to take this opportunity to thank the Lottery Gods for unconditionally fucking loving us to oblivion.

Six days.

One more angle because YES!

Daddy STAAAHHPPPPPPPPP! Live look at all those angry individuals who vehemently argued Connor being number one on TSN’s top 50 list, immediately after watching this public display of decimation:

You stupid, dumb, oblivious idiots.

Adam Larsson more days.

Casual reminder to all of the other 30 teams in the league that we have Connor, and they do not. Another casual reminder that we have Connor McDavid, and he’s only 20-years-old.

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