Morning After Blog: Preseason Streakin’

If the NHL had standings for the preseason, the Pac-8 would look like this:

EDM: 3-0-0
VGK: 2-0-0
VAN: 2-2-0
LAK: 1-0-1
SJS: 1-0-0
ARI: 1-0-0
ANA: 0-2-0
CGY: 0-3-0

“It’s still only preseason!” they’ll shout. “Colorado was undefeated in the preseason last year!” they’ll argue. So what. I like wins. I love winning games. Preseason or not (definitely still preseason) these players are undefeated. And you know Calgary and Winnipeg threw their A teams at us, in their own barns. Didn’t matter. We sent Leon and the B squad to Calgary, and sent Nuge and the C team to the City of Dreams and we still gave them both a smoke’er in the chops. I don’t give a damn if it’s the preseason, I’d still rather be undefeated than lose every game and go “whatever, preseason hockey blah blah” who cares. Excuses are for flakers.

1st Period

Just an awful start for the fellas. Winnipeg rang no less than 30 posts in the opening two minutes, before Ehlers found the area behind Laurent Brossoit for an early power play goal:

So as it turns out, in the preseason, teams almost never spend any night on the road, that includes before the game. So the boys flew out in the morning, landed in Canada’s flourishing oasis that is Winnipeg, and played a game of hockey. Suffice to assume the boys had some tired ass legs in the opening frame. What did I literally just say about excuses? Credit where credit is due, that was a sexy little tic-tac-toe goal by the Peggers.

LB really settled down after the early goal and a couple of ringers, stopping 10 of 11 in the opener.

1-0 ‘Peg

2nd Period

And then boys got their legs back.

First it was the Bill Nye of power plays, Mark Letestu, getting the fellas on the board with an even better tic-tac-toe goal than Winnipeg had scored in the first:

Then that crazy-eyed lunatic Kassassin stole the puck and fed Juice Jar Khaira for his second of the preseason:

Textbook offseason Byfuglien on that play. Hockey’s Eddie Lacy has feet like Thor’s hammer. And we weren’t done introducing Mason to life as a Winnipeg Jets’ goalie just yet. Little buddy Kailer scored what should have been his second goal in as many games, but they play was ruled illegal because of a distinct kicking motion that wasn’t exactly distinct:

Regular season, that’s a good hockey goal everyday. But unfortunately, the league doesn’t care about the preseason like we do, and only a portion of the games have video review. This was not one of them. Sad. Nice try little buddy. It’s okay though, because we got it right back:

Another backdoor tic-tac-toe beauty, which the Jets are clearly immune to preventing. Jussi Jokinen looking like Drake Caggiula doing his best Kailer Yamamoto impression with the skate deflection. This one counted. The Jets were down 3-1 to the McDavid/Leon/Talbot-less Oilers after two.

3-1 Condoilers

3rd Period

The fellas took about a billion penalties, none of which were for faceoff violations, but the Winnipeg All Stars couldn’t solve Nick Ellis. And Kailer got his redemption into the empty net. Ho-hum. Another one for Kailer, and another one for the practice squad against an NHL lineup.

4-1 Condoilers, final


Nuge was the best player on the ice and that’s awesome to see. Add three more assists to his preseason total. He’s absolutely bringing it.

Kailer should not (sad!) play for the full season for our hockey club this year. But I’ll tell ya, the little buddy is making it tough to send him back. He’s looked comfortable in each game, at both ends of the ice, and hasn’t looked for a second like he doesn’t belong in hockey’s best league. He plays big. He wins battles. He makes good decisions with the puck. His hands are elite. His awareness is beyond his years. But, we have a cap to manage. Hell. It doesn’t make any financial sense to burn a year of his ELC this early. If you send him back and he ends up making the Oilers next year, his ELC wouldn’t expire until the end of the 2020-21: Three years into the McSuperDeal, or what’s otherwise known as the year of Gary’s next lockout. That gives the team time to adjust, shed some salary off the payroll, and prepare for whatever Kailer’s party will be asking for, based on whatever happens after Gary obliterates the players in the next CBA negotiations. I love the Yamamoto. I think he’s exceptionally talented and has the skill to be playing for most (if not all) NHL teams this season, but dammit. Money. Let’s watch him maliciously violate Dougie Hamilton one more time:

Look at this shit:

We ran into the gauntlet and took down the Winnipeg Jets last night and they’re sending Tucker Poolman and other guys whose families have never even heard of to get pummelled by Minnesota. Jacob Trouba must have slept with Maurice’s wife to get stuck in this inevitable bloodbath.

Steve Mason letting in that disallowed squeaker gave me all the goosebumps. Reminds me of the good old days, when it was my good pal and unanimous worst goalie in NHL history, Ondrej Pavelec, letting in shots from other galaxies as the Jets crowd stared on in complete and utter disbelief, wishing and praying that this inept septic fire of an organization would move back to Atlanta. Those were the days, let me tell ya. But Steve Mason going vintage Steve Mason circa post rookie season on everybody who watched last night’s event confirms my theory that, regardless of what particular goalie Winnipeg signs, he will always derp his way into costing the Jets any chance they had at being a threat.

I had no idea Chris Kelly played, and I watched the entire game.

The Jets picked up a new goal song in the offseason, and boy it STINKS!

Poor, poor Matty Ice. His lone, magnificent home goal will be accompanied by this upbeat Disney Channel theme song.

Kassian for the Masterson will be a thing this year, book it. He’s making a positive impact in every game now, it seems, and we have a damn, DAMN good fourth line now because of it. Playoff chops let’s go.

Jokinen was just an incredible pick up by the Pistol. Perfect guy for this team. Not a lot of positives in the first period but I thought that Jokinen and Nuge were definitely a few of them.

After the first, I thought the rest of the team really settled in and played well. Benning, Stanton, Auvitu, and Gryba all had solid games on the point. Khaira continues to impress, and looks extremely comfortable playing alongside Kass and Letestu. The Jokinen-RNH-Yama line was as close to perfect as could be.

Slepy will get a chance when he’s healthy but I’d say that Khaira’s strong play isn’t great news for either Tony Time or a Pool Party. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nice to have a little healthy competition for depth on a team that’s allegedly only a one player roster. Need a big game from Jesse tomorrow when we hammer Vancouver.