Preseason Game Day Blog 3: Canucks @ Oilers

Half of the Canucks are in China, and since they’re only half a team at the best of times, this is what they’ll look like tonight:



Connor’s resting for the second straight game (figure we’ll see him tomorrow, likely in Saskatoon as well) which means that you can enjoy your Friday night without worrying about some deadbeat minor leaguer trying to make a name for himself by taking a shot at the McMVP. Also the second straight game without having a Pool Party. Sad. Thought playing against Vancouver’s nobodies would help move his confidence a little, but hey. Winnipeg can definitely do that too, and he’s going to pummel them. I know it.

And it’s almost that time again…


YAAAAA Tony Time!! Can’t wait to see my other boy flying down the wing once again. Rocking the big 58 like he’s a young Johan Motin. Love that Caggiula and Khaira switched to 91 and 16 respectively, getting to pick their first ever number finally in their second season with the club, all excited about wearing a number that doesn’t scream “called up from Bakersfield yesterday.” Then there’s Tony. Out there, mucking away, doing Russian shit. Gets to pick his first ever number and switches from 42 to 58 because hell ya. His return shall be glorious.


Unlike Calgary and Winnipeg, the Oil will not be facing Vancouver’s good (?) roster. The Canucks, as you know, are down in China getting beat by the Kings, and they sent all of their regulars on the trip. That means Jake Virtanen will be in Edmonton tonight to take on the Oilers. The rest of their roster is hilarious. I’ll save it for now.

What to Watch

Okay. So. Because we’re less than two weeks away from actual hockey again (eeeeeekk!!!), and because we’re on a mission to #MakethePreseasonGreatAgain, I need to really enjoy these last few days here in preseason mode. It’s been fun. We’ve got to watch some exciting prospects. We’ve watched Calgary and Winnipeg throw the dogs at us, only to walk away with two straight Dubs. In reality, other than that dog vomit of a defense that Calgary sent up to us on Monday, we’ve seen some pretty decent hockey teams for September. For real.

Tonight is not one of those nights.

When I first looked at Vancouver lineup, I thought, some of the names are flat out preposterous. It’s like they sent almost their entire 50 man roster to China, and then forgot they had to play a few games back here, so they went down Robson and grabbed anybody who looked like they knew how to tie skates. I’m going to list a few names here, and your job is to guess if they’re playing for the Canucks tonight, or if they’re a credited extra on the Big Bang Theory. Good luck!:

Evan McEneny

Zach MacEwan

Griffen Molina

Jalen Chatfield

Michael Carcone

Alexis D’Aoust

Guillaume Brisebois

Anton Rodin

Philip Holm

Cole Cassels

Yan-Pavel LaPlante