Pull-up Hopeful Sam Bennett Still “Sizeable” Gap Away From Being Resigned


This is the second straight summer in which one of the Flames’ young players has exercised his right to hold out until at least September before getting a deal done. Human android Brad Treliving waited out Johnny Gaudreau until the very last minute before getting him at a discount for shorter term, robbing the future Lady Byng winger so hard that little J came out and publicly expressed his desire to play for the Flyers. And I’m not going to lie, we live 300 kms north of Calgary and I have one of TSN or Sportsnet on nearly all the time, and I still had no idea that Sam Bennett was looking for a contract. Add that to the fact that Sammy Pull-ups entered the league at the same time as Leon and that’s a bad look for the 2014 4th overall pick. How did elite forward Sam Bennett’s contract negotiations get swept so far under the rug this summer, when his 2014 draft predecessor Leon Draisaitl had the most talked about contract negotiation since Easters? Maybe racking up 62 points in two full seasons had something to do with that. And just to be clear, that isn’t me yelling “BUST!” at Sam Bennett’s career. Christ, Leon didn’t erupt until his third-ish season in the league, and Sam just turned 21 in June. It should, however, temper expectations a little bit, shouldn’t it? Are the days of calling Sam Bennett “elite” finally finished in the 403? I wonder if HudlerHugs would make that trade now? Or if AcGold thinks Stamkos and Bennett are in the same category now that the former had six less points in 64 less games than the latter? I think I’ll miss that, just a little bit. But maybe this is still a touchy subject in Calgary, I’m not sure. He’s still the highest draft pick in Flames franchise history, after all, though Tampa Bay’s 4th rounder Brayden Point now almost has as many career points as his 2014 draft colleague, in 91 fewer games. Time will tell.

PS – I literally had no idea that Bennett’s contract had expired, I swear to McGod, so I visited Flames Nation to see what their writers had to say. Little researching 101 on a casual Tuesday morning. It was my first ever visit behind enemy lines and woof, let me tell ya. Some of their commenters look like they’re getting paid a permanent salary to work for Butthurt & Co. Do you know what they call Draisaitl?


LMAO GET IT?? Because McDavid?!? *burps* *lightly farts*. The fuck’s this guy’s deal with Jesse?

I mean… if we’re being honest here, our 18-year-old Jesse was on pace for 23 points this year, and your 20-year-old Sam Bennett had 26 points, so?