Running Back to Saskatoon: Oilers @(?) Hurricanes

Is everything in Saskatchewan green? It’s like they have literally no interest in associating themselves with any other colour on the palette. Christ, you watermelon wearing schizoids.

So the fellers jumped on a charter and headed to the burgeoning metropolis of Saskatoon for their annual “some team from the southern United States needs to hit their ‘home game’ preseason quota so why not play it in some oversized Canadian hamlet?” game, this time against the broke ass Carolina Hurricanes. Fact of the day: Carolina averaged 11,776 fans per home game last year, the lowest in the league by almost 2,000, and that was around 1,500 more per game than they averaged in the season prior. But yep, let’s move the Calgary Flames because their arena looks like a goddamn carnival ride.



First game for Strome at centre which to be completely honest is where I’d rather see him play this year. Slide him down to the third line and bring Baby Nuge up to play the wing on one of the top units. Yamadaddy gets the call on the first line to replace my best friend, who’s been moved to play with Draisaitl and the Looch. Yes, I was probably a little too fired up about the prospect of a Pool Party-Daddy-Riggin’ combo for the year/possibly ever, but as long as he’s in the lineup I don’t care. Play him anywhere, just play him.

Fourth line:

His name is actually Brad. Who cares.


Because I know you’re going to ask, yes, that is the son of Chris Chelios in Carolina’s lineup. I had to look it up to make sure it wasn’t his dad trying to comeback for like the 11th time. Definitely a younger lineup than the one we watched on Monday, but their first two lines are still really good. Professional goal allower Cam Ward gets the start.

What to Watch:

SHIT. That’s some bad news on both ends. First of all, thoughts and prayers to the good St. Albert foot of Ryan Stanton. Also, Tony looks like he might begin the season on IR (that’s via Jimmy Hot Takes and Mark Spector so honestly take it with a grain of salt and don’t @ me if he’s playing on opening night).

Have you ever looked at a picture of the SaskTel Centre’s neighbourhood?

The fuck did they put it? Was the arena built in Chernoby? Makes the Coliseum look like it was built in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Well, as it turns out, they built their arena about 8 km north of downtown, or about the equivalent of where the North Edmonton Cineplex is from ours.

Yo actually the SaskTel Centre is a whopping five years younger than the Saddledome. Potential relocation spot for Calgary.

I do appreciate the excessive amount of concrete they slabbed onto that barn though. Well done, Saskatchewan.


ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!


PS – Riders suck.

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