Flames’ Jagr Thinks McDavid is “Just Too Good” and Could Score 100 Goals Someday

“Hey Jaromir did you watch the game? Curious as to your thoughts, as a future first ballot hall of famer and a brand new Flame?”

“McDavid is too good. He could score 100 goals.”

All of Calgary:

Honestly, I HIGHLY recommended you listen to that clip in the tweet. It’s two minutes out of your day and my god is it ever worth it. Just the most disrespectful, personal foul 15 yard penalty for unnecessary soul-crushing that I’ve maybe ever seen. First Johnny telling the world he wants to play in Philly, and now this?? Kick them while they’re down, JJ! Have MERCY. That poor team spent their entire preseason and training camp coming up with a “solid” game plan to shutdown Connor, only to have him drop a hat trick in their face on opening night. He has 13 points in EIGHT (8) career games against your new team. The fans don’t need to be reminded of how good he is. Say he’s a talent. Say he’s fun to watch. Say you’ve heard he’s got a 12″ hose for all anybody in the 403 cares. Just don’t tell them you think he’s going to score 100 goals, my god. There are fans down south that still seek medical help because of the 80s. Stop the damn fight!