Game Day Blog 10/82: Let’s Go Streaking, Capitals @ Oilers

It was almost exactly one year ago to the day that we beat these same Washington Capitals in this same building. The 4-1 win propelled us to a 6-1 start, but most importantly, I think it was the literal moment when we all realized that the Oilers were for real. Ovie and the Caps came into town and we crushed them. It felt so good. Tonight, I think this could be a major turning point in our season. Fresh off a much needed win on the back of our offense, Connor and the boys are right back at it tonight looking to add to their season long winning streak.

Tonight’s Opponent: Washington Capitals

Their Record: 4-5-1 what how?

YIKES. The Canucks have somehow won four straight and, thanks to Washington’s continued and unparalleled inepttery, they look like a kind of good team because of it. Derek Dorsett scoring 100,000 goals this year is proof that God hates us and wants us all to be miserable. Thanks for nothing as usual, Washington.

#ALLCAPS is the worst hashtag of all time, maybe even of all time. I hope they don’t even get the chance to choke in the playoffs again. Take your REDBLACKS style of motto shit and send it to Covfefe.

Our Record: 3-5-1 and currently riding our (tied for) longest winning streak of the season thank you very much. Somebody’s fuego.

What do they have? They added another Presidents’ Trophy to their collection last year. Their second straight, in fact. Pittsburgh’s good luck charm.

Jesus, this team. They clobbered everybody (except us) last year and finished with 55 wins and 118 points, and they promptly let down Washington, D.C. harder than Pennsylvania and Michigan and Florida combined. But the reality is that I firmly believe everybody outside of D.C. still knew, despite the Trophy and the wins and all the points, that the Penguins were going to waltz the Caps en route to yet another Cup. We know pain and frustration and torture and humiliation in Edmonton, shit we practically invented it. But I can’t even imagine being let down over and over and over and over again by this team. Like, when we were bad, we KNEW we were bad. We went into the season with the expectation of drafting first overall. These guys, though… I can’t even pretend to know what it’s like to think every year is your year, only to get demolished by Pittsburgh when it matters. Rooting for the Capitals to win in the playoffs is akin to rooting for the dinosaurs in a game of “don’t go extinct.” And assuming they’ll bounce back from this less than ideal start to the year (not tonight though, idiots), they’ll be a mortal let down lock once again.

And it could not happen to a better person than Ted Leonsis. This motherfucker:

He firmly believes the NHL is out to get Washington and has the fix for the Penguins going as well. Mind-blowing nincompoopery. He helped build an arena in Baltimore to threaten the City of Washington to build him a new, taxpayer funded arena. Fuck this guy with the Washington Monument.

What do we have? A team on absolute FIRE!

On straight win and a chance to double our longest winning streak of the year thank you very goddamn much. Rolling the same lines as Thursday:

Meaning little buddy Kailer will be a healthy scratch once again, and once again we can argue his continued presence with the NHL club. How have we not sent this poor kid back to Spokane yet? I thought we were over this phase after the MacTambellini era nearly killed our club but every year since the Pistol took over our first round picks have played in the NHL as 18-year-old rookies. Will somebody free Jesse?

I guess the good news is that Iiro Pakarinen will be a healthy for the second straight night, meaning we don’t have to put up with his uselesstivity and Todd’s burning love for given this man second unit power play minutes.

Iceman cometh.

Did you know? Alex Ovechkin gave a homeless man his coat and hat last night because dammit Ovie is the GOAT of all GOATs not named Connor.

Washington is talking about trading him again because what else is new, and I keep picturing the Oil whipping a package together so he can play on Connor’s wing and score infinity goals. Then I calmly remember who our GM is and realize that Ovechkin is too fast and skilled for the Pistol to go after. Need more slow guys. Gritensity. Also he makes all of the money.

Prediction: Oilers bully the Caps 7-2 because Vancouver won by four so we’ll win by five. Nuge gets career goal 100. Connor with three points. Kass gets his first of the year.