Game Day Blog 7/82: Brandon Manning Still Stinks, Oilers @ Flyers

I’m really tired and the game is in like 20 minutes as of writing this sentence so, fair warning, I’m half-assing the shit out of this one. I’ll make it up to everyone in the after-the-game-after blog, which will be published sometime after the game today instead of its usual next day time. Let’s go beat these idiots.

Tonight’s Opponent: Philadelphia Flyers

I still get all tingly and excited every time I watch the words “fuck you you fucking bitch” come out of Daddy’s mouth.

What do they have? Philly fans.

And then ultimately:

And that was just one game. Welcome to Philadelphia, PA: America’s prison purse. Why on Earth would you give them little, ice-coloured objects such as wristbands? You’re practically begging them to litter the ice at that point. They peppers Santa Claus with snowballs one time.

The Eagles can go 15-1 and they’ll still lose in the NFC Championship.

What do we have? Remember this?:

I don’t think there are any other changes happening so buckle up for another 60 minutes of Auvitu.

Did you know? Brian Elliot is the new man in Philly because Winnipeg paid Steve Mason to come let in all their goals. Brian Elliot did not have a season to remember last year against the Oilers. Here’s what he had to say about McDavid this morning:

Everywhere [the Oilers] go, they’ve got reporters asking the other team about how to play against him,” Flyers goaltender Brian Elliott said. He’s just a unique talent, and you have to be aware of him at all times.

“He’s only a unique talent, guys. Just be aware of him and it’ll be fine!”

Last year, Brian went 0-3-1 against the Oilers. McDavid had seven points.

Prediction: Iceman is back and so is McDavid, and plus Connor really hates Brandon Manning. And Philly is taking the bold approach of not adjusting their game plan to cover Connor:

Nice one, Ghost. I really hope you don’t change your game plan for the guy that lit you for five in two last year. This is going to be so fun. Oilers win 6-2. Connor with four. Morning After Blog will be a after-the-game-after blog today because 11 am so stay tuned.