Morning After Blog: The One Where The Boys Maybe Got In One At The Roxy The Night Before


Could be worse, ain’t that right, Winnipeg?

1st Period

Literally right away:

Milan Lucic 5v5 point alert!! Great start for the Canucks season. I was sitting on my couch laughing like a hyena that a Kris Russel floater was how their season began. Was absolutely convinced that was some dramatic foreshadowing or some shit.

I was wrong.

2-1 Canucks

2nd Period


Ice was still drenched and the boys were suddenly down by two. That greaser was the end of the Iceman’s night. Three on seven. Not his night. Can say that about a lot of the guys.

3-1 Canucks.

3rd Period

And Nuge with his first goal since Easters!!

Took him a few holidays but on the day before Thanksgiving the former little buddy finally got that primate off his back on a secksy little pass by the Rig.

From there it was basically all Oilers but Markstrom stood on his head. Marky Mark had a shot at tying it late in the period on a Connor McDropPass but it wasn’t our night. There are 82 games in a regular season, I promise you there’ll be a few more “not our night” nights.

Final score: 3-2 Vancouver



Wait for it:


Boys played like all then hell and still only lost by one so what’s that say?

Off night for Daddy. He’s allowed those. But look at him letting Dorsett know what’s up:

Kris Russell proved that you can in fact get two points and still play like abhorrently smelling wet diarrhoea.

Ah, but don’t tell Bob that!

Eye test, analytics test, doesn’t matter. Whatever Bob is using is failing him miserably.

Might have been the best games of Markstrom’s career and that’s honestly not an exaggeration.

Derek Dorsett is a baby back bitch.

We get Winnipeg on Monday and things are going very well there!:

I belly laughed at the Chuckles Huddy tweet. There’s about eleventy-billion problems with that organization and Jordan from Manitoba goes absolutely ballistic over the assistant coach. Should be a fun game!

Hottest Tweets of the Night

Brock Boeser was a healthy scratch last night.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game

It’s going to LB for coming cold in early in period 2 and playing his ass off for the team.

Most Outstanding Player

The Zack Attack. Kassassin. Show your Rack for Zack. Whatever you want to call him, he’s been surprisingly the Oilers most consistent forward after two games.