Morning After Blog: The One Where We Got Blown to Smithereens by Ottawa on HNIC

I tried to use a picture of Ryan Strome as the featured photo, you know, as evidence that he played. I couldn’t even find one of those. Lucic getting upset at the refs in a blowout it is!

1st – 3rd Period

Listen, it’s Sunday. Do I feel like making gifs of all six of Ottawa’s goals while I’m watching RedZone all morning? Absolutely not. You all watched it. You all know what happened in that shit mess. You don’t need to relive that. And I will not subject you to it.

I will, however, show you little buddy Kailer Yamamoto’s first NHL point!!!

YES! There it is!! A nice little pass to McDavid up the wall, before a McPoint helped us avoid being shutout by the Sens’ backup in Ottawa’s second game in two nights. Live look at Rogers Place when that one went in:

Final: 6-1 Sens


Didn’t win the 50/50 last night so ya it was basically a complete and utter failure.


Oilers out of the gate like:


Hey, Milan Lucic got into a tilt! Grit! Character! Intensity!! Locker room!!! INTANGIBLES!!!! For those keeping score at home, it was Ottawa 6, Edmonton 1.

Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall got traded for peanuts for this.

This seems like a great time to remind everyone that I was called a fucking idiot for hating the Jordan Eberle trade:

Hell ya, Taran! This has been Ryan Strome’s fresh start:

Oh man, Strome’s fresh start is going so swell. Can’t knock a guy if you legit can’t see him!

McDavid has been in on 5 of the first 8 goals we’ve scored.


Somebody call up Jesse before I do.

If we sign Chris Kelly I might explode. One shitty Kris is all I can take at the moment.

I’d talk about the power play but honestly I think Strome’s action was more memorable than it.

78 more games to go. Winning streak starts Tuesday.


Hottest Tweets of the Night

I know Talbot hasn’t exactly been George Vezina back there, but this newfound mind-numbing hatred towards him is simply absurd. This is classic Oilers fans. Our secondary scoring doesn’t fucking exist and our blue line is a flaming dumpster filled with shit-infested diapers and we have many fans much like these people who are relentlessly attacking Talbot for his performance:

So, all these truthers are a firm believer in the Eddie Shore style of coaching goaltenders. Eddie died in 1985, at the tender age of 82, but fuck that butterfly anyways. Nobody EVER uses a butterfly!!!!! CRAZY TALK!

And the cherry on top of this shit sundae:

Fuck everybody.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game

Who cares. Give it to that kid with the flag during the anthem.

Most Outstanding Player

De facto, McDavid.