Are People Actually Upset That McDavid Dressed Up As Trump For Halloween?

I don’t do politics on ENS because A) this isn’t a political blog, B) I respect that everyone has their own opinion and that each and every one of those individuals is more than entitled to it, and C) this is a site for Oilers hockey and that’s basically it… it’s like a safe place for Oilers Culture to come together and relive the joy/agony of however our season is going, and speaking from experiences of communicating within society if there’s like ONE thing other than religion (which… Christ, that too) that does not make people feel safe to openly discuss it’s politics. That’s why when you’re out with the crew and your general state of coherent being is somewhere next to Saturn, the first thing you bring up when sparking a conversation is never: “So do you affiliate as a Democrat or Republican?”

That said! This is an Oilers-related story that, because reasons, has been picked up by several media outlets and started a shitnado all over social media platforms. Hollllllyyyyy do we ever have a nuclear-take-infested internet day here. Daddy dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween while Queen Lauren dressed up as the matching Melania and somehow hell managed to erupt. This is, of course, a couple costume idea that I’m ballparking approximately one million people decided to go with because it’s simple and easy and extremely recognizable, which means you’re not spending half the night explaining the meaning behind your shitty costume to everyone at the party. Then one a relatively popular figure in the world of sports went with it and BAM the entire asshole corner of the internet pounced all over the opportunity to shout “OFFENSIVE!” as if this was some intense political statement by a Canadian born player who is employed by a Canadian team. And I’m honestly speechless. Look at these cesspit:

Imagine being called a bad person for this BAH GOD that hurts my head to think about. The only hard no on Halloween is cultural appropriation, and that should be a no brainer why. Well this isn’t cultural appropriation, sooooo? What are we losing our shit about, people? It’s also not a political statement at all, positive or negative. It’s a suit. With a wig. And possibly some make up. I think hundreds if not thousands of people still dress as Clinton for Halloween and he was the President almost 20 years ago. And I promise you that in 20 years, people will still dress up like Donald Trump β€” not because of their political beliefs, but because it’s like one of the easiest costumes you can probably put together and it’s universally understood. “Oh, you’re the guy who was President for a few years and also fired people on a TV show, I get it!” is what people will say, not “So, are you dressed up as Donald because you endorse FASCISM AND RACISM AT THE SAME TIME?!” or (like in some of the other parts of ‘Merica): “YA’LL MAKING FUN OF THA MAN THAT MADE US GREAT AGAIN DUR?!” Fuck you guys for taking this stupid ass holiday seriously. It’s funny. It’s corny. It’s everything but offensive. If you’re upset about a costume for a goddamn fairy tale bullshit holiday that adults have stolen from children and use as an excuse to dress like imbeciles and get as incoherently wasted as possible then I just don’t know anymore. You’re beyond saving. Seriously. The only thing I’m offended about is that Connor looks borderline exactly like how I imagine 20-year-old Donny looked except other than his suit is immaculately tailored and he’s wearing a skinny tie so that’s not realistic but THE POINT AND THE EMPTY STARE. Scares the hell out of me. Terrifying, really. And hey, wouldyaaaaaaa look at that! Halloween: a day where we’re supposed to acknowledge the dead and/or scary in this world. If anything his costume was the epitome of this. Stop caring so much. Now politely crawl back into your corners so we can return to focusing on relearning how to consistently win hockey games. Also Lauren needs to be wearing the glasses but now I’m just being picky.

PS – Pete wins. Flawless execution:

Knocked it out of the park like literally every player in last night’s baseball game.