Same Day as the Game After Blog: Booed Off the Ice


1st Period

Frans Nielson got a piece of Nick Jensen’s shot and put it by a screened Talbot. Eric Gryba stood by idly.

Then it was Gustav Nyquist’s turn to make the Gryba-Russell pair look like the Gryba-Russell pair:

I’ll admit. Both forwards whom shall remain named (McDavid and Draisaitl) both turned at the corner and proceeded up the ice, in a place where literally no white jerseys existed at all. Maybe they expected the defensemen to get control of the puck and look for a breakout. If so, that was a dreadful mistake. One of many dreadful mistakes made by this franchise since the USSR dissolved.

2-0 Red Wings

2nd Period

Martin Frk and his grammatically incorrect name scored his fourth of the year.

Not pictured in this gif is Ryan Strome, who refused to backcheck on the play:

3-0 Red Wings

3rd Period

Whatever anymore:

Our world-class PK went to work beautifully, sporadically running around with aimless passion around the slot, coming not even remotely close to ever forcing pressure, nor tying up any person in a white jersey. Textbook special teams.



We were shutout, at home, against a team that is by no means a defensive juggernaut. I hope the Pint made some money last night.

Yama has to be sent down now. There’s no use anymore. We’re not significantly better with him in the lineup, and you can’t honestly tell me there’s any difference between he and Puljujarvi right now. Let the little guy be free. Send him back to juniors where he can go be the best player in the W and get him ready for next year. And for the love of SHIT, call up this guy:

He fucks, man.

This goddamn dickhead:

I honestly hope they fire McClellan. Not because I think he’s inadequate, because I don’t. I think he’s a fine head coach. I want us to fire them because when the next guy comes in, and this team is still slow and sluggish and Lucic is still dragging his ass behind every play and Kris Russell is still making snow angels on the ice like a fucking elementary student at recess and Ryan Strome continues to never do anything productive ever, maybe then – and only then – the biggest blinder-wearing imbeciles will finally see that we willingly allowed our GM to build a roster of sloths around a fucking thoroughbred.

In other news, Joe Sakic just got the world for Matt Duchene:

Let’s recall, we traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. It was one for one.

Hottest Tweet of the Day

Sure. But before we do that, please make your way to 17480 Fort Road, Edmonton, AB, and check yourself into the Alberta Hospital.


Who cares. Pakarinen, because why not.


Nobody, but Nuge for purposes of handing something out.