Game Day Blog 11/82: Game 7 is Tonight, Also the Oilers Host the Pens

McDavid vs. Crosby tonight! Only happens twice a year! Quick, NBC, who ya got on national TV??

ARE YOU KIDDING you had two chances this year (until the Cup finals). TWO (until the Cup). So people in the Pittsburgh region will get to watch two of the greatest players of our generation — the reigning MVP against the reigning almost but not quite MVP — faceoff for just the fourth time ever, and the rest of the United States will get to watch Philly take on Chicago!! That is some electric shit right there, great job as always.

Anyways. It’s not like AMURica will be watching much of them puck playin’ fellers tonight. Kind of a big game happening on a little hill in Chavez Ravine. Regardless of whether you enjoy baseball or not, game 7s are everything, especially when it’s winner takes the ‘ship. And that series has been epic. Unlike the Oilers, there’s been so much scoring. I feel like everyone but the hitters has crushed a dinger at some point in the series. And let’s be honest, there’s no way this game doesn’t go to extra innings tonight. Will be the second straight year that the World Series has been decided in a game 7 set of extras. Oh baby. FWIW, I don’t care at all who wins this game. I’m legitimately cheering for extra innings. Hopefully like a million of them.

Also the Oilers play the Pens. Here we come (#herecometheOilers), flying into the game tonight alone in 30th for the first time since two years ago. We are last in goals for by 100 (by 5). BUT, here’s the good stuff: We’re not in last, and it’s McDavid vs. Crosby so I mean who knows, maybe this will be the night we turn everything around?


And in the background, you’ll find Sid. Calmly watching… calmly head-nodding… observing, like we all do when we watch McDavid bless us with his generational presence.

That would work so much better if Sid wasn’t coming off his second straight and third total Stanley Cup. Buddy was probably back there getting his finger-sized, telling the dude “Na it’s okay, same as last year.” Hell.

Last game: Double hell:

What’s changed for them: Matt Murray – who’s been lit to oblivion on many occasions this year save for like the one fucking time he played us – was once torched on Sunday against the Jets. Dude’s played like three good games this year so of course one of them had to be against us.

What’s changed for us: I pretty much did a thesis caliber breakdown of the lines and shit yesterday, and I’m tired, but I’ll do it again anyways.

Larsson missed practice yesterday, but skated during the optional practice this morning, so he might be good to go. Our power play units are all over the place in a (hopefully but doubtfully) last ditch effort to save Jay Woodcroft’s job. Oh and Yohann Auvitu looks like he’ll draw back in. Hey! Speaking of Auvitu, he’s the next player on ‘Ask an Oiler’:

And the questions came in as expected:

I’ve sneaky missed under .500 Edmonton. Everybody’s all filled up on piss and hatred. Reminds me of the B.C. days. Time to win some games though let’s go. The PTSD is starting to hit a little harder than before.

Did you know? Oh boy oh boy, there’s a chance we may not sell this one out:

I know for a fact we didn’t sell out the Dallas game, and I’m assuming there’s been a few more this year similar to that, given our capacity is hovering around 98.4% this year (Calgary’s looks like 97.1% so we’re better than them at this as well). Still have a ways to drop before we hit Vancouver (91.8%) and Ottawaaaanybody there? (78.4% WOOF).

Prediction: We’ll see Tristian Jary after all, and Jason Gregor will get his emotional revenge on Matt Murray as he’s yanked on the Oilers 5th, early in the third. We hang on for a 6-3 win. Oh and there’s all this nonsense about Connor being tied for 43rd in league scoring? Okay. First of all, he’s only played 10 games, so cool the damn jets. Second, if he gets three points tonight, and he will goddammit, then he rips up to a tie for 12th. So let’s cut this shit out, alright?

PS – Reminder, it’s a 6:30 start tonight, because the schedule has been way too normal thus far.