Game Day Blog 13/82: I Almost Forgot It Was A Matinee, Red Wings @ Oilers

Guys it’s Sunday and you know I’m watching football and the Colts are actually winning so I’ll make this as quick and good as I possibly can.

Tonight’s Opponent: Detroit Red Wings. The epitome of class; hockey’s St. Louis Cardinals. They play the game the RIGHT way.

“I didn’t mean to do that,” Nyquist said. “My stick gets caught, I am trying to get body position on him. I’m happy he was out there again. I had no intention of doing that. My stick gets caught.”

Anyone who’s played the game knows that sometimes that damn air catches your stick and slings it into an opposing player’s throat. Hockey 101.

Their Record: In some divine miracle, it’s 6-7-1 (13 points).


What do they have? Oh they built some arena monstrosity this summer on a stadium plan that will surely bankrupt every school and hospital in a city that filed Chapter 9 back in 2013. They then pasted a massive half-naked Flintstones looking mother fucker on the roof.

Daryl threw up in his mouth when he realized how much ad revenue he missed out on by not lamenting a gigantic logo on the roof of the Rog Mahal. It’s not like the Fairy Godfather to miss out on making money like this.

On the ice, Detroit somehow has six wins. I have no idea how they’ve done this. I haven’t watched a second of Wings hockey this year. This team made the playoffs in like eleventy trillion consecutive years and I’ve almost entirely forgot about them.

Martin Frk has no fucking vowels in his last name.

What do we have? Connor McDavid, boom. Suck it, Detroit.

No line rushes to report as the boys didn’t skate prior to this afternoon matinee but Cam is starting and I’m assuming Yamadaddy will be playing his ninth game. Let’s go.

Did you know? Nick Jensen took out two goalies in one game last year? Happy Gilmore didn’t even do that. Tune in next year when Jensen is hammering bombs at the Waterbury Open.

Prediction: The goal scoring has officially arrived. Better late than never, I always say. We’re also historically dog shit on afternoon games. This will be interesting. I think 4-2 Oilers in a sluggish yet reliving win. Connor with four.