Game Day Blog 14/82: An Unpleasant Reminder of the Shit We’ve Done Wrong, Oilers @ Islanders

From June 26, 2015:

From June 22, 2017:

From Monday:

Eberle has 11 points in 14 games, and would be alone in 2nd in Oilers scoring. Barzal – the player of “tomorrow” and not “today” – has 13 points in 14 games. Ryan Strome scored a goal off his butt. Griffin Reinhart has 0 points in 3 games with the Golden Knights’ farm team. Life comes at you fast.

Tonight’s Opponent: New York Islanders

They’ve had at least two occasions this year where the announced attendance was under 10K, and they’re actually not that bad. We get 10K in 50/50 sales before the fellas come out for warmups, yet we also have half as many wins as these guys and are solely responsible for producing 9 of their total goals and 19 of their total assists (I’m including Anthony Beauvillier in this as well because they don’t draft him without that goddamn 2nd round pick we also sent them for Reinhart). Hell.

Their Record: 8-5-1, 17 points

Our Record: 4-8-1, 9 points

This is the part where I remind you that we’re 2nd last in the league. Only the criminally awful Coyotes trail us, and they’re only three points back now.

What do they have? Nineteen (19!!!) points for five points. Where’d the offense go?

The fact that we sold Jordan Eberle for magic beans and sold it as a salary dump, then proceeded to pay some of that cap back to Kris Russell and his 13 minutes per night (Russell hasn’t played over 17 minutes in a game since October 26, 4×4) is bad, but somehow (how??) still debated and argued by Oilers fans everywhere. The fact that we traded a first and a second round pick, regardless of what player we would have selected, for a defenseman who skated like Doug Glatt is unforgivable. It was a trade that almost 100% of the fan base immediately LOATHED except for the like 15 Oil Kings fans and like these two:


Off the ice (well, -ish) Tavares is a free agent after the season and they have no idea where the team will be playing in two years. They might want to figure that out pretty soon, unless they want to be deported to Quebec City or Seattle, or crash on the Rangers’ couch. The Barclays Center wants nothing to do with them. Approximately 9,000 people show up for each game. Their real fans out in Nassau County are stuck without their beloved Isles while being stuck in Nassau County. The new owners are trying to lockdown a deal at Belmont Park so that hockey can still be the second most important sport in the area. This is a goddamn organizational shit mess that makes Daryl Katz uncontrollably drool.

What do we have?

Tony’s back.

Draisaitl is still playing with McDavid despite everyone wondering why we paid him a gazillion trillion dollars if he’s not going to get a chance to centre his own line:

Pakarinen’s free pass continues.

Caggiula had more shots at the Pint this weekend than he’s had on goal (13) all year.

Lucic still hasn’t caught Phil Kessel.

This fucking guy:

I look forward to when Ryan gets ready to play for his current team.

Miraculously, we haven’t signed Chris Kelly yet so thank god for that.

Cam starts. He’s 4-0 all time against the Islanders. That’s nice. Oilers positives.

Did you know? For like five minutes back on June 26, 2015 I legitimately talked myself into the Griffin Reinhart trade despite the fact that I was, by nearly all other evidence, a reasonably intelligent adult. That embarrassing level of irresponsibility should go on my credit report.

Prediction: Shit on it all. We’re 1-0 against teams that have beaten us bloody in trades under the Chiarelli dictatorship. This team has bamboozled us twice in the last 865 days, so I double like our chances at hammering them back to Nassau.

Of course, you know Jordan Eberle’s getting at minimum a point tonight, and even though Barzal was technically never an Oiler you know he’s getting one or two tonight as well. The narrative writes itself. 3-2 Oilers, Connor gets a pair and Rishaug still demands more. Eberle scores, probably on the power play, because us.