Kailer to Junior

Malone recalled:

I can now safely say I am pleasantly surprised. I fully expected us to play for in like one more, burn that first year of his ELC, and then send him down because Oilers. I didn’t want to say that and thus will it into existence via some spiritual sports God who clearly hates everything there is about me. But anyways, it was actually refreshing to wake up and receive some positive news considering all the bullshit we’ve been dealt in the past forever. Today is a good vibes day. Brad Malone deserved a recall as he outplayed roughly seven of the 14 forwards during his short time with the big club. This is a good start. I can’t wait to see how it gets worse. I swear to god if Chris Kelly gets a contract.


If you want to continue this roll of wise yet obvious hockey moves, my recommendation would be to pack that useless waste of a roster spot named Iiro Pakarinen into the M65 atomic cannon and send him to the moon, and #freeJesse.