Morning After Blog: Daddy McOvertime

Maybe it’s not technically a winning streak but goddamn me if two of three doesn’t feel like one. Cam Talbot’s 36 saves stole the Oilers a victory in what was otherwise a painfully terrible game of hockey, dominated mostly by Matthew Barzal’s unbelievableness until Connor McDavid’s sixth goal at 17th point of the year gave the Oilers second win in three games. Let’s GO!

1st Period

Matthew Barzal quickly reminded everyone at home that the Griffin Reinhart trade was an unforgivable debacle of monumental proportions:

My favourite argument from the Chiarelli fan club is that the Oilers weren’t taking Matt Barzal with that first round pick anyways, which is flawed for two reasons:

  1. The available player they were looking at was Joel Eriksson Ek, who is also infinitely better than Griffin Reinhart, and;
  2. If Chiarelli’s scouting staff (and it WAS Chiarelli’s scouting staff, lest we forget he fired everyone like a week before the draft and hired his own personnel from Boston) did not have Barzal on the radar for the 15th pick then what does that tell you about his scouting staff?

Anyways Talbot saved it so fuck Barzal anyways.


2nd Period

The boys started the period on the power play and it went exactly the way it’s gone all year.

Sneaky not bad play by the Looch Bear to knock that puck loose, sending Leon all the way alone. Note, this goal was scored at the end-ish of that power play, and I assume that’s why 27-93-29 were on the ice together, accidentally. And hey look! A goal! Maybe stick with that for a bit. Maybe call up Jesse and play him with McDavid and Maroon. Maybe do a bunch of things that make sense?!? No? That would be too obvious? Mhm.

Speaking of the obvious:

Jordan Eberle scoring a goal in his first game against the Oilers was a bigger guarantee than the sun rising this morning. And because Oilers, Matt Barzal picked up the assist.

1-1, 2-0 if you’re counting goals scored by 2016-17 Oilers

3rd Period

The Isles outshot us 13-2 (!!!! THIRTEEN TO TWO !!!!).

TGF Cam.


Draisaitl-to-McDavid Period


It’s peanut butter and celly time!!!

5-8-1 OH WE BACK!

2-1 Oilers (OT), final.


Here comes the streak.

That’s Daddy’s third OT winner of his career. You’ll remember, he scored his second career OT winner last year against my arch rivals, the Florida Panthers, on a play in which that idiot James Reimer thought he had the save, but Daddy still scored:

And, of course, he scored his first career OT winner in Buffalo, on a play that started a first row monsoon in Buffalo:

Leon now has 11 points in 10 games.

Wanna know how many points Sam has? It’s zero. ZERO!! As many points as pull-ups he’s completed. Sam has zero (!!!!) points in 15 games!! That coward Mark Sepctor once said something along the lines of Sam Bennett being better than Connor McDavid, back before Daddy was drafted, but he deleted the goddamn tweet.


Was honestly very happy for Ebs last night. Happier that we got the win, but happy that he was able to get that one. For real. I hope he kills it on Long Island.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

So this is one of those rare times where the Tweeter is not the actual person on the hot seat. I’m so glad this was brought to my attention though. That OilersNOW caller should be required to reveal his name, his postal code, and his social insurance number for this particular crime. IMAGINE literally spewing that venomous vomit? I see Rishaug’s bullshittinly dumb narrative about McDavid needing to do more is becoming contagious in the idiot circle of Edmonton. This is terrific. I blame him for this awful disease. I hope he’s happy.


Brad Malone, esquire!!! He looks damn good, I’ll tell ya. He’s clearly out played Khaira and Pakarinen, even Kassian and Caggiula IMO. Now get Jesse the hell up and let’s roll.


The ICEMAN! He might actually play every game for the rest of the year.