Morning After Blog: Snooze Button

I was not kidding when I said the game had 2-1 written all over it during the game day blog. That was as predictable as a former Oiler getting a goal on us. We’re scoring 2.2 goals per game so getting 1.5 (1, plus the disallowed goal) was thus essentially just narrowly missing our quota. Arizona has maybe the worst team ever assembled in NHL history and they’re scoring around 2.4 goals per game. We had 30 shots on goal, which is fine, but around 10 of them came on one shift by Patty Maroon. I guess the Oilers positives from this one, or from this road trip in general, is that our goaltending looks terrific. We only scored 6.5 regulation goals in 4 games on the east coast roadie but our goalies only gave up 7. They’re keeping us in games.

1st Period

Shots on goal were 7-5 Oilers. Score was 0-0. I half-watched this period with the Eskimos game on in the background.

2nd Period

Goal! Scores! Jesse with the assist!!! OH, BUT WAIT! The NHL’s very clear and not controversial method of determining goaltender interference came into play after Holtby was found directly on his butt just as the puck went in. And upon further review:

Slippery when wet, hey Holtby? Not saying that foot grazing moment was a dive, I’d never speculate something like that. What I will say, however, was that was a goddamn dive. Regardless, there was no way they were going to allow that goal. Not with Holtby resting on his butt. Not with Nuge being so dangerously close to actually making real life contact with the tendy. That one was for sure coming back, right from the start. Took the goal away. Took Jesse’s point away. Two game point streak, gone. Snatched. Stolen by a league that determined, by rule, that this a good goal:

And this was not:



3rd Period

Fourth line goal alert:

Or maybe that’s the third line? I’m not even sure anymore. Both equally suck. But at least these guys scored so. That’s Jujhar Khaira with his first goal since January 16th. Pak man picked up his first point in 14 games this year so Todd will likely have him on the first power play tomorrow. Cap relief picked up the second assist.

The thrill of being ahead in a 1-0 game quickly evaporated as Dmitry Orlov scored his first of the year just four-ish minutes later:

Jujhar was involved in many ways last night. Here he is getting burned by a defenseman with the offensive upside of an extreme leftist.


This is normally where we take it to opposing teams so long as Milan Cement Feet remains on the bench, but even we struggled to generate multiple scoring chances in the final quarter frame. The first one I can remember was a 2 on 1 by the usually automatic pair of McDavid and Draisaitl, except the puck hopped over Leon’s stick on the pass. Then Todd had Ryan Strome play with McDavid later on in the extra frame because who even knows. Then finally, McDaddy burst free and was all alone, save for the irritating stick of Dmitry fucking Orlov, who hasn’t done shit all year but decided to bring it last night. Could have been a call, but the refs let er go. Seconds later, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was called for maybe even a softer stick tap. Looch Bear lost his mind and was ejected. The entire bench was furious, actually. Rightfully so. That was a big load of shit.

Luckily there was basically no time remaining so the extra period ended.


Sticking with the theme of not scoring anything, our three shooters missed. LB made a few nice saves on Washington’s second and third shooters, but the opening goal of the skills comp was enough to get Washington the win.

2-1, final.


Klef played great. We can joke about him having some tough games and everything like that but in all honesty he is the best defenseman we have and he has an outstanding contract that we should never forget about. The dude will be fine. And like Jesse, he also had a point stolen away from him tonight.

Second line was out best line again. Nuge was flying. Jesse was flying. Even Looch looks like he’s had an extra stride or three in his game since the Pool Party joined line deuce. We finally have a two threat scoring system and Leon decides to take a 5v5 sabbatical on the road trip.

Vegas on Tuesday and my God, I can’t wait. First time we’ve played the expansion Knights. I’ll be in attendance to watch those white gloves in real life. It’s also the first time we’ve played a Pac team since October SEVENTH! Literally been over a month. Maybe a little divisional action is what the boys need to get the juices going. I’m so sick of playing Eastern teams.

Congrats, ‘Skos! Battle of Alberta Western Final next weekend in Cowtown. Hottest team in the three down league baby.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

“Eberle can’t play in the west.”

*Eberle was a career 0.753 points per game player while playing in the West.*

“Takes GRIT to succeed.”

*Dead last in almost every offensive category, six wins in 17 games, 30th place overall.


Patty Maroon. Seven shots. And a first degree murder of his stick:

We might be a tad frustrated. Still, it’s refreshing to see some life on the bench.


God I have no idea. The thirourth line played alright, scored the goal, but also got picked apart on the goal against. The second line was pretty steady all game but if I give the MOP to Jesse again people will accuse me of nepotism. Connor carried his line for the 17th straight game this year but at least Patty looked better last night as well. Klef played much better.

I think I’ll give it to Daryl Nurse. He played 25:46, the most he’s played this year by roughly 3 full minutes, and 10 seconds short of being his career high for a game. I don’t think Daryl has an MOP this year and he’s played his ass off, so he deserves this one. ‘Grats, Daryl.