Morning After Blog: Sympathy for the Devil (And a Much Needed Win)

I woke up around noon because Saturday, so this is published a little later than usual. Sue me.

1st Period

Drake’s points per 60 heading into this one was an astonishing 0. He got us on the board first on an… wait for it… ENMAX POWER PLAY!

Does ENMAX still sponsor our power plays? I’ve honestly just started to tune them out. It’s peaceful that way. Daddy with the perfect backdoor pass so Drake had the easiest tuck for his first of the year. And Marky Mark with another power play point. That’s what he do.

So Drake scored, and it was on the power play. Could things get anymore improbable?


Here’s Adam Larsson (!!!), who minutes ago I had just compared to a slightly more offensive Matt Greene, with a shot that ricocheted off Drake Caggiula (!!!!) and off Ryan Strome (!!!!!!!!!!) and into the net.

I KNOW but this was a game where the impossible was happening. A totally unpredictable depth goal by the Oilers, from three players who generally don’t have a clue what to do when they get the puck in the offensive zone. That’s what we need to succeed, everybody. Contributions from all. Literally impossible, I can’t believe that happened.

In direct contrast, I can absolutely believe this happened:

OF COURSE it was Hall.

Face-offs, people. Guys like Mark Spector and Dave Staples and all the other heroes of Edmonton’s media will preach about how face-off wins are the single most important formula, other than maybe gritensity and leadership, for success. Case and point: We won the offensive zone draw (clean), and nine seconds later New Jersey scored. What happens after a face-off is taken is the most important element of the draw. It’s being in position, and finding ways to get control of the puck, or being aware of your surroundings if you don’t so you can create a turnover or apply pressure. Otherwise, THAT happen.

Also I’m a big Klefbom guy and don’t enjoy throwing him under the bus like many others have been trying to do and feel like he’s either agitated by an injury or just in a general funk, but locate your man and cover him, covering air does us no good.

2-1 Oilers

2nd Period

New Jersey scored fairly early on but:

There’s a KlefBOMB! Been waiting all year baby. McPoint #2.

Then before the end of the frame:

That’s a $6 million drive to the net if I’ve ever watched one. Miles Wood, who is extremely fast, got complacent with the Looch Bear. Never get cocky, kids. That’s the second goal of the night that banked off a body part. We haven’t had these bounces all year. It was refreshing.

4-2 Oilers

3rd Period

McPoint #3:

Another picture perfect backdoor slide for an easy tuck by Leon Draisaitl.

Jersey scored on a goal that was definitely a high stick, but that didn’t matter. Normally I don’t show empty net goals (ironic) but this was too funny:

Ahhhhhh, Hall to Nuge, just like the old days. Hall fans or not Hall fans, I think we could all enjoy this one. I discovered that it’s even better if you play it while synchronized the beat of the old Looney Tunes credits:


THAT’S FUCKING ALL, FOLKS!! Poor Hallsy. Sympathy for the Devil, indeed.

6-3 Oilers



4-7-1 and Connor’s in 7th place in league scoring with Detroit and Brooklyn on the horizon?! Yes please. Here comes the comeback.

And of course, just a perfect moment prior to puck drop:

This was Boyle’s first game since being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia back in September, and fittingly, it comes in November — Hockey Fights Cancer month. He’s one of the most loved and respected players in hockey, and I can’t wait for him to kick cancer’s ass. Boyle Strong, baby.


We just got a taste for what Tony Time was like on line two. Set up that huge goal at the end of the 2nd to give us a two goal cushion. I really liked these four lines. Tough break.

I expect Yamamoto to draw in for his ninth and (hopefully) finally game of the year in place of Tony tomorrow. He hasn’t looked bad. And at times he’s definitely displayed flashes of brilliance. But there’s no way anyone can justify Yama being NHL ready. Please, for the love of McGod, do not burn the first year of this ELC.

Connor should have had four:

Nets do not get more open than the one Maroon had in the 2nd and he fanned’er. Shit.


Nuge has six tucks in 12 games. I am embarrassingly despicable at math but even I know that’s on pace for 41 goals. Now I know, realistically, this pace probably won’t remain. But could you imagine him finishing with 30? Everybody and their mothers wants Nuge dealt in a Eberle/Hall-caliber dump deal, but he’s having an insane year. Six goals and 10 points in 12 games, and he’s doing that while shadowing the other teams’ best players every night. Let’s tone down the ‘Lose the Nuge’ talk, will ya?

But, Connor’s three points launched him up to 7th in league scoring. He’s now tied with the 2017 Lady Byng winner with 16 points (in one less game). He’s also on pace for 110 points. Rishaug expects more.

Speaking of points, after 13 games, Sam Bennett has as many points as he has pull-ups.


OH, HI CONNOR!! You had three assists, three shots, and three takeaways, but only ONE HIT?! Third star, idiot.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Oilers Twitter is generally shit on its best of days but it’s been a goddamn cesspit the last 24 hours, providing breathtakingly delusional tribalism by spewing their imbecilic vomit all over Twitter. There were so many that I can’t actually narrow it down to one without spending literally the rest of the day doing a March Madness bracket of bullshit takes. So, I’ll summarize:

  • If you are a paying customer, you can do whatever you want in the game. For example, if you want to boo, then boo; it’s your right as a paying fan to do whatever you want. For example, if you boo Taylor Hall after he scored a goal, I’ll buy that everyday. Hell, I’ll stand up and boo right beside you. I don’t boo every goal against because honestly, Oilers. I wouldn’t have a voice by the third period. But I’ll mockingly boo Hall’s goal knowing the situation and circumstances allow it.
  • If you booed Taylor Hall and your argument is you boo the other teams’ best players, then why don’t you boo Sidney Crosby? Alex Ovechkin? Tyler Seguin? Steven Stamkos? And if you do, then realize that that’s the kind of stunt that Winnipeg pulls. And fuck them a lot.
  • If you boo Taylor Hall because you have some sort of emotional vendetta against him, as a player — a player who wanted to play here, and wanted to win here, and signed a seven year deal to prove that he wanted this — and who worked his nuts off day in and day out to carry our juggernaut depth that generally consisted of Ryan Jones and Teemu Hartikainen and Nikita Nikitin and Anton Belov and Corey Potter and Cam Barker and Gilbert Brule et al. then I don’t understand that. Not at all. I boo players that demand a trade. I boo players who take liberties on my best players. I boo the entire Calgary Flames players onto the ice every time they step foot in the Rog Mahal because that’s my duty as an Oilers fan. I don’t boo players who wanted to win here, and wanted to stay here, but were thrown to a bloody shithole that is Newark because reasons. It’s bad. It’s unpractical. It’s asinine. It’s the most ass-backwards shit we’ve ever pulled.
  • But, hey:

Even Gretzky got booed here too. That’s the city we’re willing to be, I guess. To each their own. Philly boos Santa, we boo players that loved and wanted to play for our city.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game

Adam Larsson did have a good game I’ll admit that, he was a beast. First star was absurd, but he was a literal beast.

Most Outstanding Player

It was Connor McDavid. It was absolutely Connor McDavid. I’m convinced Maroon could have tucked that literal open netter, and McPapi could have finished with four assists, and Remenda still would have given Adam Larsson the first star.