Morning After Blog: TWO STRAIGHT!!

The Oil have won two straight and it’s Pool Party Season in Edmonton again. THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!! POOL PARTY TIME LET’S GO!!!!


The Anthem

1st Period

Feel good hockey moment, regardless of what team you cheer for:

Yea I mean, it sucked to be down 1-0. And yea, that was probably worth a coaches challenge for goaltender interference. But it was Brian Boyle, man. His first goal since being diagnosed with cancer. His interview after the period was all the feels:

“I’ve never cried after a goal before. That’s a great feeling. It’s everything.”

Goddamn, man. It really is a beautiful game sometimes. Happy for Boyle. Fuck cancer.

Not happy for the Oil though, idiots. Jersey outshot us 12-7 and there were many times where we looked all kinds of flat, oh and yep we went 0-2 on the power play.

1-0 Devils

2nd Period

Ya’ll ready?? Because you know I’ve been waiting exactly 36 days for this. Now I’m going to ask you one question… you ready for Tony Time?

IT’S FUCKING TONY TIME, PEOPLE!! And nobody was more excited about that goal than Tony himself:

Tony’s such a dog, man. Look at that grin he sneaks in there too.

In all seriousness I believe Tony may have aggravated his groin again like moments after he scored the goal because he vanished like immediately after it, never to be seen again/ I know Todd has it out for Tony but replacing him with Kassian literally right after he scored made zero sense. Also, in case you live under a damn rock, there was a pretty big moment in the history of my fandom today, and that might tell us something about Tony’s injury. Tony’s on IR as of today.

Then literally right before the end of the period it was Jim Matheson’s MAN CRUSH Drew Stafford, because of fucking course it was:

And you better believe he gloated all over the Twitter web about it:


2-1 Devils

3rd Period

Anyways turns out Looch was the hero:

Who woulda thought? Not pictured in this gif is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who made a nice little pass for his second point of the game. Nuge is untradeable don’t @ me.

Suck it, Schneider. People don’t forget:



That’s in normal speed. That’s not altered. That’s Connor with 20 seconds left in overtime,




Holy actual shit. This is a good day. A very good day. I just bought tickets to Tuesday nights game. Need to be there. Need to. Need it. Goddamn yes.

HOLY I feel good.

Anybody see Hall’s little hissy fit in OT lololol?

Find somebody who hugs you the way Leon and Connor hug each other:

Queen Lauren was in attendance and had a front row seat for this bro fest. She has yet to issue a statement on whether or not she’s worried about Leon stealing Connor from her. If that’s not true love then I don’t know what is.

Haha @ the NHL, you can’t stop these two in OT. Only way we lose at 3-on-3 is if Looch is out there for it.

He still hasn’t caught Kessel, by the way.

What a crew, man:

Bunch of heavy weights and a middle weight and Mark Letestu and the Iceman. Goddamn.

Congratulations to Sam Bennett for recording his first NHL point of the season last night, on a second assist! Great job, Sammy! Now for your next challenge, hit that pull-up bar!!

Hottest Tweet of the Night


It was Nuge. That was the most spectacular OT I’ve ever watched and Nuge absolutely took it to Jersey right before we neded the game. Plus he had a pair of assists. Good day for #teamNuge.