Morning After Blog: An Ugly Win Is Still A Win

I’ll take two in a row any way I can get it.  I don’t care how ugly the win was. I don’t care that we didn’t lead for a single second of a game against the 31st place team. A win is a win. It’s two points. It means the Oilers are somehow five points out of a wildcard spot, and six points out of third in the division. We saw our starting goalie play sensational, and the centre Chia will likely trade for a box of Crayolas leave it all on the ice. I did not win the 50/50 mega raffle, but the Oilers did get two points against a shit team, and I absolutely eradicated a great slice or two (it was definitely two) of deep dish pizza after the game. All together that’s what I’d call a very good and productive Tuesday.

1st Period

It didn’t start great, though. Six minutes and approximately $60 worth of 50/50s in it was something called a Christian Fisher – who has scored SEVEN (7!!!!) goals this year – getting Arizona on the board first.

Ignoring the blatantly obvious pick thrown by Dvorak, Fisher was left to not only get a shot, but to get his own rebound as well. Not great.

Anyways. Time for a monkey off of a back, courtesy of Zack:


God he needed that. Look out now, floodgates.


2nd Period

God this period sucked. It ended with an OEL power play goal:

Helluva passing play, for real. Clayton Keller can flat out hockey. But what a great set of penalty killing by Iiro Pakarinen, who straight up looked like a lost puppy after the second pass. Just clueless as to where he should be. PK expert. We dress him because reasons.

2-1 Yotes

3rd Period

St. Albert to the rescue:

First of all, what a play by Nuge. Skates down low hard, applies pressure, creates a turnover. Three seconds later it’s in the back of their net. Can’t draw that up any better. St. Albert always wins. It’s inevitable. Godspeed, Matty.

2-2 after regulation. FREE HOCKEY TIME:


We had one shot in OT and little baby Nuge made it count:

First of all, what a board battle victory by your boy and local hero Matty Benning. Then it was all Nuge from there. Chips the puck by OEL himself and then absolutely smell ya in goddamn January, Arizona.

3-2 Oilers, final


Winning streak dance LET’S GO!

Pardon me with Lucic and Cammalleri on McDavid’s line? Actually, that was bad. This was almost every play:

Yep, here’s Connor setting up Looch with a nice chance ahhhh right in the pad. Wedgewood, who I still haven’t forgiven for his butt awful World Junior performance, didn’t even have to move on any of the many times this happened. And this was when Lucic or Cammalleri could actually catch up to Connor in the offensive zone. They might as well have been playing on the community rink every time Connor got going. Live look at Cammalleri trying to keep up with McDavid:

And Lucic:

Jesus H. McChrist. There were roughly five times where McDavid torched some idiot defensemen along the wall, cut to the net, and dished one in the slot where there were literally no orange jerseys because the twin boat anchors were still at the red line. Todd finally had enough during the third and put 19-97-29 back together like a coach that has completely lost the ability to conjure up an effectively original idea. Jesse is ROTTING in the press box and lord only knows how much pizza he’s eating up there. If I sound like a broken record here it’s because I feel like one. It is frustrating… no, wait, it is FUCKING MIND CRUCIFYING that we have a player who was put on this planet to shoot and score and shoot and make good things happen and we’re leaving him to die in a place that should be reserved for the likes of Iiro Pakarinen – a player who is literally immune to the thought of being productive. TORONTO WILL SKATE CIRCLES AROUND OUR SLOW ASSES IF WE DON’T SOLVE THIS… oh my, wait… could it… no… it can’t… it can’t possibly be…



YOU KNOW IT DAMN RIGHT!!! It’s a goddamn start. I mean, Milan’s wet concrete skating will still be on the first line but I’ll take this. It’s a win-win for Todd, who I’m convinced has a personal vendetta against Jesse. It either works like magic and the team and Connor begin piling up the points, or it doesn’t go as planned because Looch is hauling wind by the second TV timeout of the first and couldn’t keep up with Haley Wickenheiser at this stage of his career and Todd gets to healthy Jesse for Iiro again. He cannot lose here. BUT as they say, beggars can’t be choosers, and I will gladly take this over the alternative.

I think the three centre thing is nice and everything like but rolling 93 – 97 – 98 and 19 – 29 – 58 is still my favourite imaginary top six. It gets Looch out of the top six and puts our best two players right now on the same line. It also lets Leon centre his own line and it’s no secret that 29 and 19 have chemistry. Plus it keeps Tony Time in the top six and gives the second unit a player who can legitimately rip the biscuit. But I’ll take this as a decent start.

Christ. Congrats, George:

Looks like Teeps won’t be getting his Christmas bonus again.

The rare defenseman two on one ended with our $16 million NMC 3rd pairer just kind of shovelling the puck into nowhere:

But we won so whatever, we can laugh at this now and not worry about how painful it was.

Speaking of painful though this was an all time tough shift by Auvitu:

Cam was Cam last night and thank goodness for that.

Tomorrow night is a big game for so many reasons. Obviously winning three straight would be the first time we’ve been able to do that all year, so ya, that’d be great. But more importantly, it’s Toronto. I cannot lose another game to these imbeciles. Last year was painful. Nazem Kadri is a fucking bum. He’s a bum. He’s Matt Tkachuk in a Leafs sweater, so that’s arguably even worse. It’s not even the Auston-Connor comparisons that frustrate me because we all know who the hell cares about those. They can think whatever they want in their little fantasy land, I don’t care. I do care about smoking Nazem Kadri back to 2009. Nobody deserves to lose like he does. He is to penalty box attendants what Patty Kane is to cab drivers. Scum level infinity. I want Connor to humiliate him, bad. And maybe have one of the bash bros/Lucic let him know how his breath smells all night. Fuck Nazem Kadri with the tip of the CN Tower.

Hottest Takes of the Night

Since the Leafs are in town next let’s just get a bunch of these out of the way today:

YA IT’S BEGUN! That last one is a radical hot take of epic proportions. Bah gawd.

He’s not even here yet and people from the Centre of the Universe are already starting. Let’s fucking go. Connor has played with Milan Lucic and Mike Cammalleri the last two games. Before that it was Drake Caggiula. He’s played with Looch for like two straight weeks WHAT THE FUCK.

And he’s still sixth in league scoring. He’s six points out of first place and he’s had two fucking parachutes on his line since Remembrance Day.

Runner up goes to my Instagram story, because for anyone who has me on there, you would have saw that I essentially gave up with 10 mins to go in the third, only to have the boys come back and win it right in my face.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game

So when you’re playing the most analytical team in the league it is extremely difficult to hand out a Gator’s Grinder Award considering literally nobody on the other team is grinding back. I was honestly baffled when I found out that Zac Rinaldo plays for them. He is the exact type of player that Chayka would love to quarantine from the league.

I could give it to my wallet for the decimation it took buying a whole ugly mess of losing 50/50 tickets. I could give it to Cam’s post for taking a beating in overtime. Either would work. I’ll give it to Cam though. Our goalie grinded hard all night, making huge saves to keep the boys in a game they should have just taken control of from the beginning. He was the Iceman again last night. Let’s do it:

Most Outstanding Player


Babyyyyyy Nuge. I think his sell low value just skyrocketed to an all time high. Petey is foaming at the mouth thinking about the virtually unlimited 4D he can grab (one for one) for 93 now that he has nine and nine this year.

Please, for the love of any actual god, do not trade this man.

Special shoutout to Matty B. He was a tilt away from a Gordie. St. Albert forever.